cute graal bodies. ♡Idk if i'm coming back but i still ly all♡ Heads and bodies. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, graal classic male bodies will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from themselves. 15 comentarios en “ Bodies (girls) ”. and i hope you girls/guys will love it! //Head & Body . I also added 3 cc bodies, everything in the bodies. Cute brown haired girl!! I also had a body that went with it, but I have no idea where it went. Thank you for letting me know this. A Graal body will cost 10,000 gralats (or Upload Tokens) and Graal Head will cost 20,000 gralats (or . cruzgfx says: August 21, 2015 at 12:59 pm. Where cute graal creations are made~ GraalOnline EraEnter Era and find yourself immersed in modern city life. Discord Link here! Chill server we currently have 200+ members *We accept everyone :)* 🤠 ***please note we are a new server, so please help support us :)***-If you were wondering whether you should join us thank you for taking your time 🥰🎮 -Also we allow Advertising We gamers, drama queens and memers **we are looking for staffs if. Home Heads Bodies Shield Other Sites. The head for Asuna is an edit, and the body is 100% made by me. I’m really mad at Graal Classic players, this guy stole the head that a friend asked me, they find it easy to steal when they don’t know whose head it is. If you want to own head or body contact me on graal era :MadMax (Bomb). I saw a really cute body upload that gave me the idea of making an Adidas set:. Hello c: can i change only the color of the panda's body but I wont remove the watermark? because that body is really cute but it doesnt match the head that . I’ve been interested in fashion since, I was very little. MelimPink-Head MelimPink-Body MelimWhite-Head MelimWhite-Body MelimBlack-Head MelimBlack-Body MelimBlonde-Head MelimBlonde-Body. Here is the head I am currently wearing on Graal. Moreover, that is nice; those 9-year-old kids must be very happy having those heads. oi pessoal, recentemente minha inspiração para a coleção KPOP foi então resolvi fazer essa "blue hour" da era TXT, aproveitem. if any of you are curious on what i look like on graal era. I love all my fans and maybe I will be back to post a couple of heads or bodies but right now I’m just too busy. Posts about Cute bodies written by Camicami - Amazing head & body uploads!. You can change colors on these: You can't change colors on these:. Female Bodies (GraalOnline) Share/Compartilhe: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). DO NOT SET TRANSPARENCY! Cute backpack outfit! SET TRANSPARENCY! Super cute dress. enjoy this head <33 just wanted to say if you guys haven't noticed i've quit graal sadly, im sorry for those who enjoy my customs im glad you do but for my sake i will not be doing gfx anymore. I wanted to let you guys know that Madi is no longer part of our site. New head & Body (By Lmees) 12 September، 2017 lsgfx. Over 400 Graal Body customs, including Animated GIFs. I am excited to finish it for you guys, but in the scenario I can’t remove something on the head it WONT be acceptable in Graal Ol’ West, though probably every other Graal will take it. I just feel like I need to state something because literally it bothers me that much some of you people are like this. Bye bye! -Momo Original Files: Rant February 20, 2018. com and i will do it for you and send it back(: If you ask me for anything other than those 3 things I will ignore your pm or email, sorry to be so. Trini Wix for 4th female body (butterfly) Bilsan for 5th female body (skirt) and I for top. Colors I will probably use a lot are, Hot Pink, Red, and some brown. 12 thoughts on “ Bodies (Female) ”. Graal bodies – GraalDepot Online. Peep the cute slit on the sides 😙. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. But here is a body I edited the you go my peoplez. com/ By: Amazing People emerald ♡ edits for graal ♡ 𝑴𝒐𝒇𝒁𝒆𝒊𝒏 - Shine - bbycakesgfx the logo was drawn by shorbh <3. these heads are awsome, could you make me a special request. Me for 3rd male heads (changed an in-game head into spar style) Sabre for 4th male heads (hairstyle) and Daisy for face. you’re awesome tysm for making diss website. Cute head!! (Edit)) Pink eyes ( (edit)) Creepy girl ( (Edit)) Halloween bodies!! Hey its fluffycharm here!! I wanted to do something for halloween so i edit these bodies (just change the color) for yall. Add New Rare Head And Bodies Sets. For sweet and cute Graal heads and bodies. NO BRA CHALLENGE TIKTOK Compilation #PART 1. ipurple design - heads and bodies. Hi!This is where you can find graal upload heads/bodies. 12 thoughts on " Bodies (Female) ". I don't make heads or bodies, but I'm going to in the future. Don’t set transparency on them. So yeah hope you guys enjoy it! It’s not tested so if you have any problems just message me. Due to the complications yesterday, I decided to do an update today. CammpyGFX YukimoonGFX ItzAqua LyviaGFX Kelsiscarletfilla Elgfx Rachelgraalgfx cdgraalgfx sweetnsourgfx kawaiipixeltwins lineagraal Hallegfx kyleegfx NanityGraal Brielleox Caramel and Bear LucyGraal Eranox Yarexy Kelly GFX Loxo GFX Chevrolx Jade GFX Younggenerationgfx Heart Graal Riah Riah holidaycheergfx Cookiedoe Hyuners GFX Madijengfx Rinkateru Redvelvett Kelsiesgfx mooshoogfx Qtie GFX Dayna. com (2 amazing girls with insane graphics talent) I DO NOT CLAIM THIS AS MINE, ALL CREDIT GOES TO LUCY FOR EDITING IT!. All you need to do is pm me on Graal if you want an upload (i only upload when im on graal) and if you want a body indexed or extension color changed you email me the body at [email protected] Some of these bodies are NOT color changeable! But some are! sorry not all of them are, mostly the bodies toward the bottom are NOT color changeable because those are my older posts and i didn't know how to make them color changeable at the time! leave a comment or contact me if you aren't sure if a body is color changeable and need me to make it color changeable for you. I made some updated versions of my original baby head. Also because I haven’t in a while. I could see this body working with Astarte’s newest post on her blog which I am not affiliated with at all. ︎︎𝓁𝒾𝓁𝒾𝓉𝒽 𝓇𝑜𝓈𝒾𝑒 ︎︎ – ︎︎𝓇𝑜𝓈𝒾𝑒 ︎︎. DO NOT SET TRANSPARENCY! That's all for now! ALSO if you want your site in the friends sites that's going to be going up soon, please post this in the comments!. say it in the comments =3 Set Transparency for these Then, Here's some other bodies that u don't need to Set Transparency. Credits to Bear for the male based, elgfx for the girl based, Ven for the glitters blink, and I for the skin. GraalOnline Customizable Graphics. So, I will be making a lot of heads and bodies for everyone to enjoy! My fashion taste is, Fancy, Bizzare, and Unique. Can u make me a cute head with long hair pls and maybe a cute body and do u need a computer to download I have one just want to kniw. The Text Widget allows you to add text or HTML to your sidebar. Female & Male Graal Uploads: FruitiMochiGfx. character (2) ❤️Hi I'm Lavender!. July 6, 2021 ~ yum_yunaa ~ Leave a comment. face template made by me ! Body from totoro. The second head has less eyelashes for a less dramatic look, it’s a bit more “babyish” looking as well. I got a lot of requests to make a serious , pk type , girl upload with blood on her face xd, so here you go. Home Girl Heads Boy Heads Girl bodies Boy Bodies Boy Bodies! Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. graal classic male bodies provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. Yuki Cross’s earliest memory is of being attacked by a vampire and being saved by Kaname Kuran, who is also a vampire. However, you can add these to any body you like! The last body is unfinished which I made several months ago. Set transperency for ones with a coloured background. v3's Graal GFX – By Zara, Bear, Seraphim, Daisy and Alexxx. Cute School Girl Doll! If you want to request for a body feel free to comment on a post or PM me on . I really love the bunny slipper body that you posted one of the first? It has a backpack on it and it has a pastel rainbow cross in the middle, well same problem xD it won't let me upload it no matter how hard I try (setting transparency and unsetting transparency) waiting for a different admin, and when it did ever work it came out with a black background which. cute graal customs! Bilsan GFX. Contact me in graal online era QE. Orange and yellow :> very good colors. Where cute graal creations are made~. editedbody body-10 body10 body-9 body9 body-8 body8 body-7 body7 body-6 body6 body-5 body5 body-4 body4 body-3 body3 body-2 body2 body-1 . I am back yes yes and I have a new set for you all hehe it’s a doll set it’s not a big edit but I did what I thought would be cute. Here's Graal Bodies for u guys! Hope u like it =D If there's any problems pls. You can use a text widget to display text, links, images, HTML, or a combination of these. snice ive havent done one in awhile. Everything is color changeable except for the plaid detailing on the skirt. NO BRA CHALLENGE TIKTOK Compilation #PART 1 | Braless Women | Cute Girl with Perfect Body📌 More Video : https://swiy. Credits: qwertzilla for body and extensions, miyabi for the buns. Sophia and I have been busy lately with school, but we will try our best to post more for you guys and keep the site running. A REMINDER THAT I DID NOT MAKE OR EDIT THIS BODY!! So I found this on Lucygraal. It’s no cowboy or sexy diva, but it came out just as cute if not better. Posted by scarletbakery on August 6, 2014. I made a body inspired by Jungkook's outfit in their GoGo Performance. Unless Graal doesn’t approve it because of copyright. Happy valentine day lovers! Sorry if it’s kinda late lol, love y’all. Graal Era Body Female It has 4 gifs : blink, red/light brown goldish flames ,and eye glow. Posts about cute graal upload written by prettyneatgfx. Home Page; Bodies (boys) Bodies (girls) How can we get the codes for the girls bodies. i may come back to graal depends i'll think about it but thank you for those who have been there for me and supported me <33 i hope u all. Idk xD I forgot where I got the original body but I think its from Eranoxgfx xd bcuz of the watermark. Sweet Princess Body =3 New Doll Body (First Body) Death Note: Light Yagami (KIRA) #Graaloween2019 1- Jack Skeleton 2- Purple Cate 3- Cute pig 4- Crazy Magoo 5- Ocean Queen 6- Sweet Ghost 7- Noob Is Frozen 8- Cat 9- Noob Zombie 10- Mad Hatter 11- Broken Doll 12- Witch Graaloween 2019 First Doll Head ^^ Cute Granny =3 Unisex Head Kawaii Zombie Baby. I believe most of us who worked here, including Joyce herself, has moved on from graal. // head from crazycookiegraal ^^ December 12, 2019 Lol Gabrielle is a sucker. I don’t really know how much you take for it but it would be really cool. I am back yes yes and I have a new set for you all hehe it's a doll set it's not a big edit but I did what I thought would be cute. This website is going to be heads & bodies that I have found and love. Hope you enjoy this because I absolutely love flannel/tartan clothing! (i might actually get this upload in graal if my amount of gralats looks a little better than its current state) The Graaloween bodies are coming soon! Cya guys in my next post 🙂. Co Leader Annaloo (fabb) 11 marzo, 2014 a las 6:17 pm. Edited from lyviagfx (did not erase her watermark :)) Custom cat heads. proper credits given in home page. A Graal Online Head and Body Edits. Hey guys, this girl on Era wanted to ifile me, so I ifiled her. Any Head or body didnt work?Just send it to me at gmail ([email protected] Ketzah Graal says: August 19, 2015 at 11:46 pm. My biggest fashion idol is Latte from graal xD. Japanese styled set pre-release. Category Archives: Boy Bodies Set Boy Bodies Set. Posts about cute graal head written by prettyneatgfx. Kiritos body I didn’t make, but the head is an edit. ❤️-Credits Toff And Miyabi For The Bodies I Just edited them. Yesterday I was playing Graal, and I saw someone with a really cute dress. Tip: If the upload has a background, set transparency! Skip to content. or ill contact you in graal old west. I may end up using more than one body, it depends. Chan for last male heads (her old personal) Recy for 2nd female heads (hairstyle) and I for skin. I was thinking of editing the original general graal heads into an ogre but i thought of the black kitty,would be more classy ksks. So this was originally commissioned by Maddi, but it now belongs to Seren. Thank you Kaitlyn! I will make sure to post more customs in the future! Thank your for suggesting! We are trying our best to perfect making animal heads and boy heads and bodies! Most of us are inactive (especially me) and we are not use to making animal and boy heads + bodies!. wp if people ask where you got this specific file! Make sure to set transparency when you upload it, though it shouldn't be too much of a biggie if you don't. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments and questions about this body so I decided to not be stingy and share it with you guys! I got most of the top from universallygfx (love her and her site sm) and made the skirt myself. This is my old upload, I don't know who I want credits because I forgot (sorry sorry sorry) if there is body/head credit from you please comment or pm in . Create a website or blog at WordPress. Here new head for the girls 👭 Credit to owners <333 Rene 😘 And body!!! Omg soooo cuteee e. i really enjoyed editing/making this one. Lsgfx – Graal heads & Bodies. Hello,i really like these girl bodies…That all nice^_^ 🙂. hey guys, recently my inspiration for the KPOP collection has so I decided to make this TXT era “blue hour” enjoy. SOOO I have decided, I will go on Graal and make heads and bodies WHEN I HAVE TIME =D I FELT SOOOO LOVED WHEN I SAW ALL THOSE MESSAGES TYY ALL SOOO MUCH. well thats all xD Jan 21, 2017 · Graal Era Head and Body Chop Shop-iFiled Heads upon request/random are uploaded here Updated: 1/21/2017 5:55 PM EST Want it gone? 5k Trochus* Updated 1/5/2017 1:10 PM. Enjoy <3 HEY GUYS!!! Sorry I haven't been posting lately :,(! But here is a new set! I posted a poll on my instagram @mewgfx (if you want to follow me) about the set if i should do a giveaway on…. Enjoy! “Set Transparency” for the heads not bodies. iFiles – Graal gfx for uploads. Most of my graal friends have these. to not make you wait a long time, I've made an extensionless version of the head ! full set (not so) soon. graal aesthetics (~uwu)~ Outcasted Gfx. Hi!This is where you can find graal upload heads/bodies HEADS RANDOMS BODIES HOODIE Girls edition coming soon!. About; A cute head :D 9 I've been interested in fashion since, I was very little. It’s been a while and I’m VERY sorry for leaving you guys and you probably think, “Hey it’s another dead GFX site where they constantly talk about coming back!” and yeah you’re sorta right but I’ve been doing a bit of poking around in gfx files and I found something pretty neat and had an Idea!. If it does, I’ll make other recolors of it. Best uploads and guides about Graal Online Classic! Menu. I will try to edit/make heads whenever I get the time. NOTE: I mainly base my site around heads, so I apologize for the lack of bodies, or lack of good bodies ️ Clo. Check out “Couple Uploads” for new heads there, as requested by a few of my fans Also, take a look at “New Boy Edits”, and “New Girl Edits”. Feel free to finish/get inspiration off of it but please credit me :)) creds: bear via lily recy bbycakes + me. extensions from me, side view was from hg from pixelgardengfx. There are hats, heads, bodies, toys, weapons, and an absolute ton of. AdelineGraal – Graal heads and bodies upload. (White/colored background = Set transparency) Feel free to edit any head if you want, but please give credit to the original head maker/website. Making graal kawaii one edit at a time~ :3. ohlalabody StarlightIndex CiliaBPBlueIndexByStarlightfromLSG body-heart-cc-leah1 first-edit1 mb classic_personal_body_graal1152762-121 (1) . i would like to learn how you make these heads thanks. hey guys, recently my inspiration for the KPOP collection has so I decided to make this TXT era "blue hour" enjoy. November 24, 2021 ~ Miyabi Graal. I think it’ll turn out really cute. I am currently 17, and I LOVE to play Graal. The head is originally from the PixelGarden, and the body is originally from Miyabi GFX. Bodies (Female) – Graal's Colorful, Unique Website. heads: bodies: Kingfisher89gfx Graal Classic Custom for you!. Again I thank you all for still following me and visiting my website!. You can follow this website to know when there is something new on it, but you have to create an account!. Knowing that, and you verifying, makes me happy also. I was going to post the original files, but Seren wishes that you do not edit her customs, and I hope you will all respect that. Since 5/16/15 full of randomness. I am not sure who it belongs to… The only thing I did to the head was draw new eyes, erased the mouth and added my watermark. Oh my god! So cute!!! Like Like. So, I took the time and made one for BOTH genders. It has 4 gifs : blink, red/light brown goldish flames ,and eye glow. Use this space to write about yourself, . oi pessoal, recentemente minha inspiração para a coleção KPOP foi então resolvi fazer essa “blue hour” da era TXT, aproveitem. (Mix and match the bodies with the heads if you want). Ok I still play graal but don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t do GFX anymore. I’m editing a body and here’s a preview of it. graaloween heads you may edit these as long as you give me credit and (coming soon) bodies that will go with these heads. Home Girl Heads Boy Heads Girl bodies Boy Bodies. Copy and paste the add-on onto your head/body. Welcome to Qwertzilla, a Graal custom based site. Hi Everyone, soo you may all know that I Quit Graal + Making gfx! Well that is true UNTIL I went on to sayy bye to all my BFF and found this =0. Hello everyone! Since graaloween is comming,this is for y’all. Most of my graal friends have these heads 🙂. Feel free to check it out since, yk, we’re no longer. -purple AND REMEMBER TO SET TRANSPARENCY ! fluttershy head more my little pony characters coming soon. well i think they are Dolly elf ( (edit)) Cutie ( (edit)) Pink elf ( (Edit)) Hey! Fluffycharm here!! Hey lovelys!. Thanks for visiting, please msg me with any ideas for this site 😘 (I mostly post on weekends so stay updated). The barbie body will be posted in 1-2 days, and more male heads, male bodies,hoodies,kawaii uploads,and ranging in skin color will posted within the next 2 months! Whoop Whoop!. It was a fun run while it lasted and I can’t believe people still view this site so much. Here is an edit of an already kawaii head that I found on Graal Depot. io/braless📌 Instagram : https://www. Oh and please let me know if there is a problem with the body or anything ^_^. Gif/animated will have black back grounds click them to see their animations . Now I didn’t make any cc for girls because there’s so many bodies and boys don’t have much cc bodies. Click on this link if you want to hangout and chill. I'm here for good time,not for long time. I do USD heads from scratch commissions, simple blinking only for now. please feel free to pm me if you want me to help you make any heads blink[from this site or other sites] credits on home page. This was something i did so so long ago, months back, so it is maybe weird. Unfortunately, I lost the body file of the third head on my old laptop and only managed to recover the extensions. These heads I made by myself (so if you want to put it in your website, give credits to me thanks everyone)but the body is still from lyviagfx. cute graal customs! ♡Elgfx♡ ♡ By Ellie, Aly, Eden & Tazzy ♡ OwO ♡ Graal custom GFX site ♡ Styles Gfx Bilsan GFX Ally & Ari graal era customs 💋 CDgraalGfx coolio tiffany gfx M G B Y T E G R A A L azngirlzgfx. I made the legs slightly thicker, removed a few buttons, and indexed the body as well so make sure to give credit to MiyabiGraal. I also found this on google if it was from a website I’m sorry I have no idea what website cause it was on google when I searched in images DX but it’s a half grey half black cat head that I hope you all enjoy. com todayy and it is sooooo cute I WANT THIS BODY. You have 30 minutes from the time your upload is approved by an admin to receive a 100% refund at the Information Kiosk in Graal City (next to the battle arena). Please if you take anything from this site give a full credit. Ok so lots of you have seen my status already. remember to set transparency! please give me credit for theses heads and remember to set transparency! -purple sam clover. CREDIT: head: pastelgothgfx, body from cookiedoughgfx. I also had a dm about removing the watermark for a body- it was only done for the neatness of the picture, but we will fix that! 🙂. So lets say you like a head or body or something and you want to maybe edit it a little. Making of a girl head for Graal 2 - YouTube. dont forget to set transparency on cc bodies!. Since this website is kinda dead, I’ve started my own with a friend of mine. Fuu (If you contact me on kik about a problem send me a pic to see). black Maid it is very nice you want to share with the world but can you take the charm hearts body off please?? it was a friend who made it so can you take if off? if you can great! if you can't why? Reply. I’m iMew, and this is my new fashion blog. Here are some small edits I did on some really cute bodies -EDITS-btw …I DONUT OWN teh body or head. Hi, i am Polli Gfx! Oriana Gfx. I will continue playing graal so see you around. As Sophia mentioned before, we will still post but definitely not as often as before. to not make you wait a long time, I’ve made an extensionless version of the head ! full set (not so) soon. I forgot whose bangs I added to, so please comment down if its yours so I can give you credit >. I hope you guys and girls enjoy it. Please do give credits to me for the edits!. I’ve started one, but seeing it’s almost 12AM, I need sleep. I want cute girls gead and body. (more recolors soon these are just the starting four) Also I fucking hate this new wordpress editing shit, goodbye. Hey yall , I bring a new girl upload! This a “pk upload” or an upload girls may use while basing/pking. It’s been a while since I’ve made any ‘decent’ looking body. Other cute sites! Xien Gfx · m a c x h i · caramelandbeargfx · Shan,Graalonline . Female Bodies (GraalOnline). Recolored bear (#4) Here are the bodies that match those heads above. I have so many exams coming and I need time to revise and prepare. Stay tuned for more my fellow graal players! ~POOF :3~. Enjoy <3 HEY GUYS!!! Sorry I haven’t been posting lately :,(! But here is a new set! I posted a poll on my instagram @mewgfx (if you want to follow me) about the set if i should do a giveaway on…. 6vpvrzi ashleynewhead cookiedoebody. heads, bodies, ideas # Original B) Polli Gfx. Black Maid says: November 7, 2013 at 4:45 pm lulz. Color Changeable Bodies *Set Transparency Before Uploading Click "Download File" for the full image. Merry christmas everyone!! And a happy new year! hope you all have the best christmas ever!! And thank you all for viewing and giving me such wonderful comments about my website! xoxo purple! Whats your favorite thing about chrismas. Original heads credits to GRAAL ofcourse,female one is from era and the male one is from classic. credit to Maru for helping me with the body. Katelyn Final sweaterleggingsindexed-brookieandmiddy overwatch body4 wp-1478903334930 nhibody1 germany_16_girl fem 1 fem 2 fem . The Doll House Shop is now open! It's fun, cute, and just a little bit creepy. I am New site owner and i am working on drawing new heads and bodies on graal era. Female Bodies (GraalOnline) Share/Compartilhe: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window) Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window) Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window).