fake newspaper generator. They found that the best way to automatically detect fake news was to pair a fake. Published Sep 20, 2018 Updated May 21, 2021, 6:06 am CDT. Doménou fake news v současné době bývají dezinformační weby, sociální sítě, šířeny ale mohou být. The posts by Horner and others — whether termed satire or simply "fake news" — are designed to encourage clicks, and generate money for the creator through ad revenue. Ars AI #3: The orbiting nuclear platform. Facilitate from this Fake Newspaper Maker Creator which you can download for free from Hamariweb. Kyiv prepares for an attack, as shelling hits new parts of Ukraine. Back in the 90's Speaker Gingrich developed a contract with America that was very successful. 80+ fake newspaper template Customizable Design. Need to test the payment provider solutions in your sandbox, then is this credit card generator the right generator to go. Fake news: people with greater emotional intelligence are better at spotting misinformation. Change the headline, the short story, and the title. Create a title, article heading and paste in some text to create a realistic looking newspaper clipping for your folio. Fake news on social media may be unavoidable. FAKE NEWS!! The best and worst April Fools' Day stories. Newspaper names are almost as important as the content. 14+ FREE NEWSPAPER Templates - Download Now Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Apple (MAC) Pages, Microsoft Publisher. Last but not least, choose a media business name that has an available domain, ideally with a. It's an alarmist piece of fake news meant to instill fear in people. The quickest and easiest way to spread dangerous propaganda and hilarious messages to friends. (Icelandic Journalists Union) According to statistics about fake news, one known fake news outlet in France generated more than 11 million interactions per month. There are German outlets that are also notoriously unreliable," Lui says. Vintage Newspaper Template for Microsoft Word 2011 - 4 Pages - 8. if after the word 'fake' we observe 7 times the follow word 'news' and 3 times the word 'tan', the resulting probabilities to be selected would be 0. I've seen countless real doctor's notes in my life (perks of being a teacher), and in 90% of the cases they now include these important elements. According to the Science Post, "I just know" is now the highest level of evidence, but your professor may still require you to find other evidence to back your assertions. But bogus stories can reach more people more quickly via social media than what good old-fashioned viral emails could accomplish. Fake news is either news, stories or hoaxes that are created to spread misinformation with the sole purpose of deceiving readers in order to accomplish the author 's agenda (Hunt, 2016). Meet 'Grover', The AI Fake News Generator Fighting Other. How to Spot Fake News and Stop it from Spreading. Worlds first iOS text message generator. Volusion's About Us Page Generator will create a customized About Us page for your site in seconds. It has various templates for creating false articles about celebrities of a user's choice. Part 2 of this two-part opinion series on fake news by Eric K. Template Categories: Template Size:. Create newspaper fake front page, with custom photo and message. Need a good headline to make your point? Use either of these generators to make a news image like this one with your choice of headline and photo: ClassTool's Breaking News Generator; Break your own news. After the lead paragraph has been written, the writer must decide what other facts or details the reader might want to know. R-Money, a good rapper name lol. We've included snippets of these media references below. Find out how to write the perfect headline, including examples and newspaper headline activities to get you started teaching headlines to . New AI Fake News generator is too dangerous to release. Latest facebook post generator used by celebrities, Create your own fake facebook posts using our Fake Facebook Post Generator and prank your friends. On one hand, naming your news channel is simple but it takes a certain time to reach it, on the other hand, some protocols should be followed to name your new brand for a news channel business. One piece of fake news that surfed the media was a fake photo of Romney's spelling the word 'Money' instead of his last name 'Romney'. We use cookies to provide, measure and improve our services. Add a catchy fake headline that looks real with a picture of author and his/her name. The spread of misinformation - in the form of unsubstantiated. Media partly to blame for fake news. Many of the names will also work for news outlets using different forms of media, like tv. This is a major disadvantage for Jarvis. Prank Generator & Hoax Generator Channel23News. News Generator - use it to create your own joke news articles. After the 2016 election, public officials and media organizations criticized social media platforms and other tech companies, including Google, for allowing fakes news to spread, possibly influencing the outcome of the election. View Fake Address Generator (www. It makes up quotes, citations, and statistics to. Browse our news logo templates, pick your favourite and edit to meet your criteria. com company, you forget about the poor quality and bland design of the templates. It will generate news like someone broke leg in accidents, fake celebrity death news and much more entertaining news. Surprise friends and colleagues, send a birthday greeting or give your next blog post a special look. FREE Media Company Name Generator + News Channel Names. Feel free to change the font, font size, and font color. Kyiv is turning into a "fortress" as concern mounts that a Russian push to occupy the city may happen in the coming days. Writing a fake scientific paper is easy. Maintain a healthy level of curiosity for what you read on your feed, understand how social media platforms curate what you see, and use investigative practices often. Dealing with fake news is a challenging task because it spreads massively. Simply do it by entering section title and the headline and . You can also easily resize the newspaper for letter paper or more traditional printing needs like a tabloid, broadsheet, or Berliner. To mitigate this problem, the research of fake news detection has recently received a lot of attention. All Utility Bills & Bank Statements PSD Template Pack Bank Statement, Deals & Combo Packages, Utility Bill. You can choose from the list of celebrities or politicians and then add your own text to the generated tweet. Improve Your Paper in a Few Clicks. 7 million shares, reactions, and comments on Facebook since being published back in April. Fake iMessage chats was made to simulate real chat conversations. Fake email is a great way to protect your primary mailbox from junk e-mail avoid spam and stay safe. Fake news site fools world media and generates 960,000 Facebook engagements. net," uses artificial intelligence to populate what resembles a news site's home page, complete with AI-written fake news stories. Unleash your creativity with Flipsnack’s amazing and intuitive Design Studio. The site's algorithm can push some people towards disinformation and conspiracy theories. News Website Business Name Generator. Our Fake Facebook Post Generator allows you to change the persons name, profiles picture, likes, post text, post image and comments as you desire so that post should look like orignal. ★ Make a newspaper clipping with your own headline and story. Try this website to generate fake news with your name. Community Member • Follow Unfollow. Note: Make the post like you want then click on "Save it" button to save your generated status/post. Free Google Newspaper Templates Of Professional Design. To accomplish this, a generative adversarial network. Are you looking for a fun and easy way to spotlight your student's writing? Try the Newspaper Clipping Generator. From pets who do amazing things to wildlife acting out of the ordinary, people love a good story about all sorts o. Generate and download flat 2D and realistic 3D rendered covers in 1 click!. These are the most fake news sites. Choose age, head pose, skin tone, emotion, sex and generate a baby or adult face online. It was posted by someone else on Reddit, then a conservative discussion forum, was shared 5,000 times and posted on a Facebook page with 300,000 users. Firstly, you have to choose a newspaper template that suits best your purpose. Google Places Ads on Fake News Websites Despite Promises to Reform. With our online newspaper maker, you can create a professional custom newspaper with no coding or design skills. Let Creative Cloud Express be your newspaper design expert. Image list and image suggestions for the users are also helpful on this site. Fake Company Name Generator: Helpings Objects Verbs Noun Since 1991™ Generate fake company names with taglines and buzzword descriptions like "Uber for Fake Names. " Perfect for coming up with business ideas or just seeding your database. Our Tweet Generator is updated with Twitter's current look and design. Local elders' predictions are more often than not. The top news site, for example, is not a national newspaper or a computer-security site but has still. you can also change your channel name and even your YouTube channel profile picture. Simply fill out a form and it will create a fake news story of your choice. Create fake news articles as a funny way to prank your friends on facebook using our fake news generator. The aim of this project is to generate fake news in the Azerbaijani language using LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks. This tool helps to create your desired hyperlink by selecting CSS properties and this tool can be used as a fake link generator or maker. The names of Some of the sidekick characters in Hitman: Absolution came from the Fake Name Generator. Keep the title short to fit it on the page. Create a Fake Headline with this Generator. This ones not bad link they have a premium one that allows multiple articles and other customization. One by one, insert the keywords into the Newspaper Name Generator and select 10 of your favorite names. Chat ScreenShot Generator. Simply do it by entering section title and the headline and hit “Generate”. A video posted on Facebook in the days before the putsch, showing protesters clashing with the military, was claimed to have been filmed over the weekend - when in fact the footage was from the. Welcome to Article Generator Article Generator is an automatic online tool developed to help those who want to create fresh content for any purpose, whether you need content for your website, SEO , blog, school or college Article Generator can do that for you in few seconds, without any effort. They can be great for naming your website, business, product or project. 101Planners To create a funny newspaper, 101planners newspaper generator is another exciting online free tool. January 26, 2003 Posted: 2:25 PM PST. Magazine Cover and News Article Generators. Fake News Project - teachwithict. Top fake news stories circulated by Indian media in 2017. Facebook post generator helps you to create Facebook posts right away. Newspapers tend to have fairly simple and straightforward names, like 'Morning News', 'Daily News' or 'The Morning Star', for example. To find out how you can use the content, . Just pick a story and tell us who should it be about. For example: 'Jack turns 50', 'Emma's Sweet 16', '66 and fabulous', '40 is the new 30', or 'It's Olivia's birthday, hooray!'. Moving on, type your fake newspaper release date. These newspaper templates are simple to customize in the way you need from text, layout, color, style, graphics, and photos. It is the date that you want to appear on your newspaper. This coder says he's fighting fake news—by making fake news. Textron's Bell unit has already gotten its contender in the air. Add creativity and writing practice to any unit of study with this printable and digital newspaper article template. The idea of deliberately made-up news isn't totally new; in the video you might have noticed the newspaper front page about a fake 1930s radio broadcast of aliens invading Earth. With the thsi free tool in few minutes, you can get your own. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites have been accused of spreading fake news by human journalists. Select from dozens of high quality fake magazine covers! Generate Flat and 3D Magazine Covers. How Private Information Helps Fake News Fool the Public. 3 days ago — village Brig newspaper hip hop font generator. All these generated credit card numbers are 100% valid and comply with all credit card rules, but these credit cards are not real, cvv, expires, names, and addresses are randomly generated. Try our pen name generator newspaper headline generator / headline creator. News just in! A radical fundamentalist Christian group have attempted to bomb the headquarters of leading satanic cult, Everything2. edu/scigen, enter some fake authors' names, and hit "generate. It is said that writers who find it difficult to make a living in the conventional. Ready to find a news website business name for your new venture? Naming a business is one of the most important steps for an entrepreneur — the business name should clearly identify what your news website offers. It also includes associated topics, which aids online search engine understand context. Phishing attempsalso use simulated information and abuse the trust of internet users. Among the news site rankings, there are a few surprises. Fun with a fake news generator. ALL OF OUR TEMPLATES CAN BE USED FOR . , news domain, application purpose, type of disinformation, language, size, news content, rating scale, spontaneity, media platform, availability, and extraction time). Generate A Human! Your fake human will appear here in a few seconds! The faces on this page are made using machine learning, which is a type of artificial intelligence. Make newspaper memes or upload your own images to make custom memes. Fake News Generator - use it to create your own joke news articles. Using a Markov chain sentence generator in Python to. The newspaper clipping generator helps you to create fake newspaper clipping with your own name & headline with the text you want in. Enjoy the list of custom newspaper names! Neville Medhora - https://copywritingcourse. Unsuccessful Terrorist Attack on Everything2. Fake news can sway elections, tank economies and sow discord in everyday life. com allows you to Create A Prank and Trick all your friends and troll the world. Fake Newspaper Maker Creator. Fake Newspaper Article Maker. Read our artwork guidelines to understand how to get the most out of our digital and traditional newspaper formats. Our model, Grover, is a generator that can easily spot its own generated fake news articles, as well as those generated by other AIs. This works as a generator of fake news, which can also spot its own generated fake news articles, as well as those generated by other AI models. Sometimes though, when it's used for a bit of light hearted entertainment, it can be a great prank on your friends. Just paste the aritcle in the text area and click on verify button, then just sit back and see the magic of machine learning unfold. Change the delivery status, set if the person is online, typing or away for a while, change the time of the chat messages, Choose the background image that you use on iMessages, Quickly switch between sent or received. The idea behind active inoculation is to let people generate their own “antibodies. Just select your photo, title and headline! Surprise friends and colleagues, send a birthday greeting or give your next blog. Upload your PDF Start by uploading your newspaper PDF. Any player shuffles the red IMAGE cards, the blue TOPIC cards, and finally the green AUDIENCE cards. To use this fake news generator, youll need to add a responsive picture, a captivating headline and ticker details. You can use these random phone numbers in drama, TV shows and radio entertainment etc. 20 Magazine & Newspaper Name Ideas. One of the main news stories right now is the proliferation of fake news websites on social media and their potential effect on US elections. Replace any word of a wiki article by another. Type the text that you would like to appear. however you can also use our random phone numbers when providing documented examples on websites or in printed literature. In the article, you could read about how the local community has been believing everything they read on the internet, and how to prevent falling for everything you hear/read. Worried that his online accounts could be. Now that algorithms like GPT-2, BERT, and GROVER have trained on a big chunk of the internet and are powerful enough to hold a train of . Here is a fun tool that enables users to generate your own make-believe newspaper clippings that actually look genuine. You can even generate images of reply chains, users blocking you, getting suspended, and more. But you can help stop the spread by thinking critically. The article may be labeled as a parody or it may just sound too outlandish to. Compose a stunning paper using our Essay Topic Generator, Plagiarism Checker, Grammar Checker, Citation Generator and Much More. Happy about the final result? Download the newspaper, print it and publish it! It will be a . ” A practical application of active inoculation theory is the . Fake birth certificate maker from free fake birth certificate image source. With this regard, the researchers have built a model named 'GROVER'. 9 million free images (pictures), and we provide powerful filters to help you easily find the images (pictures) you want. Online Chat ScreenShot Generator This Online Chat and Messenger simulator will help you recreate social media conversations and to take a screenshot image. You can easily register an account on any site and receive a registration confirmation to fake mail generator. Add your pic, write the headline and we'll go live to the scene. Fake News (KS2 & KS3) In this sequence of lessons, pupils will learn how digital images work and how to manipulate them using image editing software. Fake Name Generator is a powerful tool to generate random names and information such as birthday, address, credit card, email address, hobbies and much more. Fake news creator Fake News Generator - use it to create your own joke news articles. Not all of the text on the fake newspaper template is editable but all of the text in the text boxes to the left of the canvas can be. A phone number consists of the country calling code, area code, and a few more numbers which helps provide an exact address for connecting the phone call with a specific phone line. Fake news is mostly used to manipulate public opinion for political or commercial gain. 467+ News Channel Name Ideas. Here are a number of highest rated Fake News Article Generator pictures upon internet. You can start with one of our example article texts and customize it, or write your own article from scratch. The news on Republic TV about Jama Masjid being in dark due to non-payment of electricity bills will make it to any top ten list of fake news. In an attempt to prevent artificial intelligence-generated fake news from spreading across the internet, a team of scientists built an AI algorithm that creates what might be the most believable. Since the fake news attracts many viewers, the site operators can easily obtain advertisers. Photos may be grabbed directly from facebook, but never get stored on our servers. Fake news often has a political dimension: it is intended as a form of misinformation or propaganda that is designed to exert political influence. Fake Utility Bill psd templates. You'll receive a handy newspaper report template to use with your KS1 and KS2 pupils to help them structure their written work. Our Fake Tweet Generator provides you exact mockup of Twitter Tweet. Select Country and Generate fake phone numbers, all these generated random phone numbers are valid and follow the phone number rules. Email PNR (optional) PNR also known as Passenger Name Record is a number with a unique 6 digit number, that is provided against every booked ticket. It additionally includes relevant subjects, which assists search engines comprehend context. Just select your photo, title and headline! Surprise friends and . A Finsta Names is a fake social media account, or some say it is a second account. Lies spread fast We can't get rid of fake news, and we won't manage to rebut all the lies. Evaluate the source and the actual information. žluté žurnalistiky (bulvární či neetické novinařiny) úmyslně šířící dezinformace či hoaxy za účelem ovlivnit a zmanipulovat příjemce. Tom Nichols the author of the book The […]. To the north there will be mist with a chance of fog and very slight winds from the northwest. See more ideas about newspaper maker, newspaper, newspaper names. Fully personalizable text & photos. √ 20 Fake Medical Record Generator ™. Fake news may generate utility for some consumers, but it also imposes private and. Representatives from anti-abortion group, Mary's Cherry Pickers, claim the attack was covertly authorised by God in an as-yet undisclosed chapter of Revelations. The fake news generator is simple to use. Now, you don't have to worry Fake Homework Generator about the outcome of the academic journey since you have Fake Homework Generator someone that Fake Homework Generator will. Our newspaper logo design ideas are free to browse and include mock-ups of . Thumbnail for Fake Name Generator. Here a LSTM model was trained on 65 thousand samples, and it should be. You may even say some yourself. Fake news has been spreading intentionally and misleading society to believe unconfirmed information; this phenomenon makes it challenging to identify fake news based on shared content. Use our free online newspaper maker to create a fun fake newspaper. Image Caption Generator Python Project; What is Fake News? A type of yellow journalism, fake news encapsulates pieces of news that may be hoaxes and is generally spread through social media and other online media. One button will share the post to your profile directly other will save and download your status/post. Fake Homework Generator However, the writing agency has found a perfect solution for the issue that has been bothering the students in the English-speaking community. Easily add text to images or memes. But with AI fake news generator, like the controversial GPT-2, the future is pointing out that AI-generated contents are starting to get a bigger role in the fakery field, as they are becoming increasingly better. Yellow journalism was also known for publishing content with no evidence and. Sometimes though, when it’s used for a bit of light hearted entertainment, it can be a great prank on your friends. Click here to download a PDF of the report. The Fake News Generator, inspired by OpenAI’s controversial language algorithm, prompts a person to choose between a short series of conditionals in order to produce a custom headline that they can “post” to the the wall. The website found that people usually generate fake news to make money by running ads and do not necessarily do it for ideological purposes. While the AI used in Article Forge can generate content in 25 various languages, Jarvis's focus gets on LSI keyword phrases. You've probably heard all sorts of idioms, sayings, and proverbs over the years. This effect can generate an image in high resolution. Everything you need to do is just enter Name of newspaper you want to see in your fake newspaper,date and headline with your story. The watermark is removed on the full version of the generator. FakeNewsNet: A Data Repository with News Content, Social. Create articles automatically on any subject by adding keyword and use the generated texts with any of your favorite SEO software. Generate names, addresses, social security numbers, credit card numbers, occupations, UPS tracking numbers, and more absolutely free. Fodey is the web service you need to try at least once. Make a newspaper clipping with your own headline and story. Its submitted by handing out in the best field. WIKI PRANK Generate a Fake a wiki article. Facebook Fake News Generators Stir Up Controversy. Find a nearby font, and use the tools of your graphic editing program to age the new text to match the old text. Com makes it possible to generate useful data with different tools. News sites that currently post fake news have names that sound like actual newspapers, like the Denver Guardian, and even include local weather forecasts in the content. ★ Newspaper clipping image generator. Make a Meme Make a GIF Make a Chart Make a Demotivational Flip Through Images. com) location in Ontario, Canada , revenue, industry and description. We grew tired of that so we decided to make an upgraded generator that supports iOS7 elements to make fake iPhone text messages. Simply type in the first and last Use this free online newspaper generator to create your own spoof newspaper articles. We believe this nice of Fake News Article Generator graphic could possibly be the most trending subject once we portion it in google plus or. com : The Fake News Generator. It is best to goof around and enjoy the fun with the friends. Xlhf Xlhf Xlhf Xlhf Xlhf Xlhf Xlhf Xlhf Xlhf Xlhf. It helps to generate html Anchor tag Hyperlink code by selecting all link attributes href, name, URL type, target, rel, etc. One purveyor of fake news drew heavy fire for boasting, "I think Trump is in the White House because of me. Fake news arises in equi-librium because it is cheaper to provide than precise signals, because consumers cannot costlessly infer accuracy, and because consumers may enjoy partisan news. Photos may be grabbed directly from facebook, but never. The AI was designed to synthetically generate student newspaper articles based on short user input. Social media is a powerful tool, for both businesses and individuals, when. The newspaper name, date, author, photos and article text are all personalisable. From the creator of Push Trump Off A Cliff Again! Last update was 946 days ago UPDATE NOW. This app will surely be a useful addition to your phone. Fake News Article Generator. As more and more people are finding out, a lot of things reported in newspapers, magazines and especially on the evening news turns out to be 'fake news'. Each round a different player gets the chance to get into a character as the. NijatZeynalov / Azerbaijani-Fake-News-Generator. There are seven different layouts available and they are all free. Why is fake news a hot topic today? How might today's fake news be different from that of the past? Have you ever encountered a fake news story online?. After some time two more buttons will show up under the "save it" button. It takes only a couple of minutes to make your own newspaper with Flipsnack! To keep your readers well informed always use fresh and original content then upload it in our editable newspaper templates. Customise anything up to the signatures and seals! Advert * Name of. How to create a fake newspaper online. Fake Email Generator - this is an unlimited number of email accounts that you can use for your own needs. Celebrities and Media use our Twitter Generator to make fake tweets to get viral on social media. Click on a picture to open the tool into a new window: Watch in this short video how to use this system. Fake News Generator Fake News! Let's create some to educate Show your family and friends how easy it is to manipulate using fake news by creating a shocking story about them! The best way to learn is through experience. The concept, known as "disinformation" during the World Wars and as "freak journalism" or "yellow journalism" during the Spanish war, can be traced back to 1896 (Campbell, 2001; Crain, 2017). Upload profile picture for you and the. Fake Data Generator is a useful tool in creating data for use cases, on this website, you can generate millions of random data for your different projects, you can generate Credit Cards, Identities, Names, Passwords Safe, Debit Card, Validate credit and debit cards, check or BIN Bank, Generate Fibonacci, ISBN for fakes Books and more! all for free!. But false reports are also regularly used as part of sensational headlines in the form of clickbait, which aims to attract people to click through to linked websites and generate advertising income. Most fake news is generated by humans, and then are spread on social media. The Newspaper Clipping Generator - Create your own fun newspaper. That hoax generated more than 1. Then, search for the coolest photos within Flipsnack’s amazing library. Real Novelty Documents is a perfect company to get the job done related to fake birth certificate online. The dataset contains a list of twenty-seven freely available evaluation datasets for fake news detection analysed according to eleven main characteristics (i. Tweet Next sample Download Image. SCIgen is a program that generates random Computer Science research papers, including graphs, figures, and citations. With GraphicSprings you can create beautiful news logos in just a few steps. fake YouTube video generator is tool that gives fake subscriber to prank with friends you can generate fake views, comment ,like and unlike etc. Grover's approach is similar to that used by cybersecurity professionals, who regularly. Most Traffic by fake news generator fox news. The most frequent complaint related to the COVID-19 vaccination was the fear of side effects. Browse through our vast collection, pick your favorite newspaper template, and start editing. We identified it from obedient source. Would it shock you to know some shows aren't quite as real as you think? Take a look at some of the best fake reality shows on TV. Use this tool to generate valid IMEI for real phone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung or Huawei. Make Fake News memes or upload your own images to make custom memes. MakeMyNewspaper is a newspaper printing service for the average consumer that wishes to publish their own newspaper. Does anyone know if there's a generator that I can plug . TV Show Generator Genre Any Action and Adventure Animation Comedy Crime Documentary Drama Family Kids Mystery News Reality Sci-Fi and Fantasy Soap Talk War and Politics Western First Aired Decade Any 2020s 2010s 2000s 1990s 1980s 1970s 1960s. What Is Fake News & How to Spot Fake News Examples. Related Posts for √ 20 Fake Medical Record Generator ™. Video, 00:02:09 Health claims. Woman injured in Mariupol maternity hospital attack has healthy baby girl. Don’t forget to wish the birthday boy or girl a. You can generate pictures in a specified category. This tool is completely customizable so you can choose any name, any content, any time, any number of likes and many more. The country code is the first number you dial to reach anyone from another country, and it is not necessary to dial the country code if. Reality TV has become huge in the past decade. Imitation headlines parodying the Guardian's online op-eds with real author byline pictures were shared on social media in December alongside . Fun with a fake news generator By Janelle Shane On August 15, 2019 - 2 min read Now that algorithms like GPT-2 , BERT, and GROVER have trained on a big chunk of the internet and are powerful enough to hold a train of thought for more than a sentence or two, people are worried that it might become easy to generate large quantities of hard-to. Hopefully you enjoy this little newspaper name generator!. The Meme Generator is a flexible tool for many purposes. Convert your PDFs to HTML5 flipbooks within minutes Try our online magazine maker for free Get started for free. The Dhole's House has a good newspaper article generator and, besides this, many more tools for CoC keepers (and maybe players as well), like a telegram generator and a huge NPC database. Clemons, a Wharton professor of operations, information and decisions, looks. Research the competition and see what are they up to. You can create your own Fake Facebook Post with this application.