rare names and meanings. A rare name doesn’t mean an out-of-style one, either. Surprising Girl Baby Name Meanings · Abigail – source of father's joy · Abra – mother of multitude · Acacia – honored one · Ada – prosperous, . Looking for an unusual or rare baby name? Find a list of uncommon baby girl names and uncommon baby boy names on The Bump. Griffith: This Welsh name has a lively, unique sound to it. Here are the best baby girl names with beautiful meanings, whether they're historical, Do you go more traditional or more unique?. “The wattled cock,” based on the Greek kallaia (wattles) and the Anglo-Saxon hana (a cock). Many parents have been giving their children nonbinary names to help them fit in with their identity. Gender-neutral and unisex Aesthetic names that are unique Artemis /art-em-is/ Meaning & Origin: Artemis is a gender-neutral name of Greek origin that means “butcher. It has south African origin and means "free woman". Lazarus is a Greek name and it means God is my helper. Top 50 unusual boys names loved in the UK · Griffin - English. If you would like something pretty sounding, these unique baby girl names will fit the bill. The ultimate A-Z Rare names list, complete with name meanings, origins and background info for all Rare baby names. " Although it's pretty rare today, it was a common name for medieval Welsh royalty. 50 Beautiful And Rare Japanese Names. Ones that gives your puppy that wow factor. These unique T names are perfect for a baby boy or girl. 78 Cool Last Names for Your Fiction Characters. You should pay for my creativity but…don’t worry…I gat you. Learn how to find the meaning of your name. Some parents are serious about wanting a great meaning for their baby's names. Villin (old English) meaning “commoner”. If you make this your girl’s name, it is surely going to be unique. A cute Japanese baby name meaning "precious" for your girl. What a beautiful and unique name! Hattie. While this name may be shortened to ‘Bella’ to refer to the classic movie Twilight, the actual reasoning for Belladonna being a scary baby girl name is because it is the name of a highly poisonous plant. We've rounded up the best unique "E" names for baby boys, girls, Eugenia (meaning “noble”); Emilia (a rare name that works in German, . A combination of the name Anna and Lise, it’s simple, pretty, and unique. If you’re looking for a rare baby name for your little love on the way, there are so many gorgeous options to sift through. It got its name from Sedona Arabella Schnebly, the wife of the first postmaster in the town. This is one of the rare badass girl names which is a feminine form of "Charles". 132) Nedra (English) Meaning: Below the earth, prosperous guardian. In this category you’ll find lists of unique girl names and unique boy names , place names , nature names , last names as first names , and word names , too. Sci-fi character name ideas need not always be alien, but cool names sure do add a dynamic feature to every character. Classic French Names · Adrienne, Adriene – from city of Hadria, · Audrey – noble, · Annette – gracious and merciful, · Antoinette – praiseworthy, · Avril – the . Unique baby girl names with meanings. Alternative Spellings & Variations: Isaac, Issac, Izaac, Izak. Shazia (Arabic origin), one of the best baby names meaning “rare or unusual”. Not bad, necessarily … just not quite the glowingly positive symbolism some parents-to-be hope for. Also a name that your daughter will thank you for later! You will want a name that is memorable and unique, but not. Amalia: This different take on the name Emily is Germanic in origin, meaning 'work' or 'activity' ‒ for high-energy babies! Anwen: A graceful Welsh baby name, meaning 'very fair'. 6 from 1992 to 1994 and currently sits at No. " It appears in Homer's Iliad, an epic poem set during . Flynn: This Irish name is a fun, quirky name for a boy. Shira is a variant of the Hebrew word for “poetry” or “song. The #1 online source for baby names and meanings, unique baby names, most popular baby names lists, celebrity baby news, and more. Slora (Scottish origin) last name meaning “leader”. The name Vidrise derives from the Slavic name Vid, meaning life, and Latin Rise and Risa, meaning laughter. That said, when selecting a name it is always important to check its meaning. Adjective: unfamiliar, rare and strange, but marvelous. Many of them have such wonderful meanings that many people find them perfect for their baby boy. Amana (ah-MAH-nuh) Integrity, faithful, trust. Aaron It is a name of Hebrew origin. 250+ Rare Baby Names That Mean Protection. Cordelia - This Latin name is a popular character from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. 250+ Rare Baby Names That Mean Protection. All expecting parents want to give a unique name as a gift to their newborn. Unique Baby Boy Names alongwith Meanings. From the Spanish and Portuguese name Teresa. Nestan (Persian origin), one of the best baby names meaning “unlike any other in the world”. This unique name has its roots in Greece. This name is supposed to have been coined in the 17th century but is quite extinct now. This year, we expect a new and unique rare names for boys' names that depict power. If you choose from here it is very likely you would have an undiscovered name for your baby girl. Top 100 Unique Baby Names for Boys and Girls: 2017 Edition. It comes from the Roman word meaning "flower. Baldwin: It's a grand-sounding and unique baby boy name from the German meaning “ . Verison; Meaning: “truth,” “bringer of truth,” “horizon. Origin: Anglo-Saxon Meaning: Heather Meadow Meaning: Nickname for the Southern U. Rare Baby Names For Your Little One 1. Nadira (Arabic origin), means “rare”. This vast database of Greek names has been compiled from various references and suggestions provided by our web site users and resources partners. Unusual names -- along with unique, rare, and uncommon baby names -- are more plentiful than ever. Verison is a rare boy name deriving from the Latin word veritas, meaning truth or one who is a bringer of truth. Apollo - This name of a Greek god means “to destroy” Caspian - The name of a sea and a popular literary character, Caspian is dreamy and strong. Our list includes the meaning for each name, so you know the significance behind it. 50 Rare Boy Names With Meanings. Abner This is a name, which is uncommon and rarely heard. The Biblical meaning behind the name. These girl names are uncommon and are perfect for future baby names in 2021, 2022, and 2022. Thankfully for those looking to do the latter,. 231 Baby Names Meaning Unique ; Advika, A unique girl, no copy or duality, Girl ; Advit, Unique; Exclusive; Someone who has no equivalent; unequalled; Matchless . Umo is a rare Hawaiin name, meaning one who barks like a seal. They give you a sneek peak into the naming trends of 2021 and beyond. Ellington - If you love musical-inspired names, Ellington is as cool as they come. 75 Rare Baby Girl Names That Might Not Have Heard Yet. Emrys Looking for a Welsh name? Emrys is a Welsh name meaning immortal. A cute name for a girl which literally means “loveable” in Latin. In our collection of over 160 cool baby girl names, you'll find unusual girl names that you won't see anywhere else. " Florian Florian sounds exotic, which also makes it a cool, rare name for boys. Finding such a name is not an easy job, but we help you to find the rare boy names for your little prince so that he stands out of the crowd. 139) Olivia (Latin) Meaning: Related to the olive tree, elf army. This name is Greek and means “of the sky. Rare Baby Names Below you will find our wide selection of Rare boy names and Rare girl names, as categorized by our name experts research, our readers feedback and other sources. 300 Unique Baby Boy and Girl Names from the Last Decade. · Holden - English, meaning 'deep valley'. Click on a name to read the meaning, popularity, pronunciation and other useful information. Pretty and Unique Baby Girl Names. Unique names are more in demand than ever, with over a quarter of babies now receiving rare names below the US Top 1000. Vashti: It is a unique Hebrew name meaning “beautiful” Veda: Sanskrit origin name meaning “knowledge” Spiritual Baby Boy Names. Grover: One of the United States presidents had this uncommon name. Ex:- Wade, Walden, Waldo, Watson, Wayne. Unusual girl names can make for truly weird dog names. Muslim names that are short and have amazing meanings suitable for boys in Muslim families around the world. It is not in the top 1000 names. If you are a fun of short forms, you can spell it “ Axl ”. Elora - If you like inspirational names, this means “the Lord is my light”. Check out this list of eclectic girls names: Adrianna. · Hudson - English, meaning 'adventurous'. List of awesome and majestic rare girl names: Callista - "Cup" Agatha - "Good" Whitley - "White meadow" Martha - "Lady" Abigail - "A father's joy" Deasia - "Combination" Yedda - "Beautiful voice" Ramona - "Protecting hands" Alaska - "The mainland" Nelly - "The shining light" Viviana - "Alive" Bellamy - "Beautiful friend" Imogen - "Maiden". , That Mean God Classic Names That Mean God Unique Italian, Baby Names for Girls Names That Mean Gift Baby Names That. Such names are unisex or gender-neutral names that work well for both boys and girls. Bowie: Bowie, meaning 'blond', has a . 191 Unique Baby Girl Names And Meanings For The Year 2022!. Luckily, there are plenty of unique girl names to choose from. While a name might roll off the tongue beautifully to you, in its . Choose an Islamic name for your baby boy that is beautiful in meaning and extraordinarily melodious in pronunciation. Your baby is unique, so of course, they deserve a unique name! Here's our list of the most uncommon baby names to give you some baby name inspiration. It is a combination of two names, Ahmad and Muhammad. Virtue names like Faith and Grace are always a favorite, and Honesty and Verity are two of their less common friends. Ash – A Hebrew name that means ‘fortunate’ or ‘happy. Unique Girl Baby Names With Beautiful Meanings. " Sedona Sedona is a city in Arizona. Kawika (kah-WEE-kah) is a Hawaiian form of David. Below is the list of Yoruba girl names and their meaning. Technically speaking, Iokua does not translate directly to God is salvation. It was first recorded as Therasia, being borne by the Spanish wife of Saint Paulinus of Nola in the 4th century. , is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "strength or exalted one". Unusual name meanings for baby boys and girls · ACER: Acer's' roots are English, and means "number one, the best". It is used to describe something rare, but beautiful. Dilan is uncommon as a baby girl name. Alouette Amoret Anokhi Apolline Aryani Beeja Bergen Bloom Brindle Calandra Caledonia Calloway Calvary Camber Cameo Cayetana Cleotilde Cyrilla Daly Delphi Devri Djuna Domino Dulcinea Eadlyn Edelweiss Elenoa Elke Elodia Eluned Endellion Esmeray Evora Ferelith Fuchsia Galit Graceland Hajira Halona Haviland Hazen Holloway Hutton Idalie Indre Izara. Hattie is a variation of the name Harriet, which means “ruler of the home”. The rarest baby boy name is rome, but other rare baby boy names include chester, henley, and maynard. “The birdman,” from the Greek aia. A rare name doesn't mean an out-of-style one, either. Wembley; Meaning: "meadow," "belly," "belly of the meadow," "middle of the clearing. Hayden – This is a unique name of English origin that means “fire“. More and more we hear of really unusual names being given to babies, but what do they actually mean? We take a look at some of the most out there baby name meanings. Thatcher — Comes from "roof thatcher," as an English occupational title. How cool is that?! Your little girl could have the name meaning that combines the gracefulness and beauty of a swan with the power and. Axel This is a Danish word for "father of peace". While the list does have all of the Jacks and Johns and Logans, it happens to have a comprehensive list of the most unpopular and more unusual names as well. For German boy names that are very unusual that connote leadership and bravery, a fantastic option would be Waldheri. We have here a list of names that have deep roots in history and are also cute and rare girl names. Top 50 Rare Names for Boy List. Jot down a few favorites to revisit later and discuss with your partner. Iokua is a Hawaiian name meaning God is salvation. " Griffith The cool sounding name Griffith means "strong prince. Mirabelle: If you want a fresher 'belle' name, go for French name Mirabelle, meaning 'marvelous'. Bellamy - this uncommon first name is the first name of actress Bellamy Young from Scandal. com has been online for over 25 years. Unique Girl Names with Meanings | The 463 Rarest Names for Your Baby. If you’re looking for baby girl names, click here for the 20 best biblical baby girl names! 80 CUTE & RARE BIBLICAL BABY NAMES LIST: A-C BABY NAMES A: 1. Aislinn: (ash-lin) An elegant and unique Irish girl's name meaning 'dream' or 'vision', perfect for your dream come true. Meaning & Origin: Zephyr is a masculine name of Greek origin that means “west wind. Unusual, Rare, and Unique Baby Girl Names If you want your unique daughter to stand out from the crowd, choose one of these less traditional names for girls. People who like the name Unique also like: Ulric, Bryant, Felician, Raiden, Farrell, Vincent, Radley, Brielle, Roselyn, Gabrielle, Amaris, Nadine, Tejana, Zahara Names like Unique: Umeko, Umika, Unica. For the best of both worlds, names like Elodie and Brenna saddle both styles. Zulu Names For Boys And The Meanings Attached To Them There are so many unique Zulu names you can pick for a male child on this list so, you will definitely make a great option. Aaron: Hebrew origin meaning “exalted” Adam: Hebrew origin name meaning “man from the red earth” Apollo: Greek mythology name meaning “God of medicine, music, and poetry”. These 29 Baby Names Have Some Dark Undertones. Holdon – The origin of this unique boy name is English, and the meaning is “deep valley”. It's also a diminutive of Marcus, which comes from the Roman god Mars, meaning "male. Are you looking for a rare name for baby with beautiful meaning? Here are our top uncommon baby names beginning with the letter W for boys, and gender-neutral options. Hayami (Japanese origin), one of the best baby names meaning "a rare beauty". Famous Namesakes: Actor Isaak Presley ("Fuller House") Peak Popularity: Isaak was popular among baby boys in the early 2000s until it fell out of the top 1,000 names in 2010. Aislinn - This Old Irish name means “dream” and it’s quite dreamy. In this list of girl names, you will find pretty & beautiful, unique & unusual, and cool & strong little girl names. The meaning is uncertain, but it could be derived from Greek θέρος (theros) meaning "summer", from Greek θερίζω (therizo) meaning "to harvest. Basil Meaning: Another Greek name on the list, Basil is best known as a herb but also means "royal" or "kingly . 131) Nancey (English) Meaning: Favor, full of grace, gracious. Wembley is a unique English name related to the name Wemba, meaning the middle of. The gorgeous and rare girl's name Alaya means “sublime” in Arabic. The origin and meaning are unknown. Apart from freedom of religion, press, speech, and marriage, the country has very few laws relating to baby names as well. It was popularized by the famous actress Charlize Therone but now it is getting away from the mainstream names. Peak Popularity: Amiya joined the list of popular baby girl names in 2000. Meaning: Russian form of the Hebrew name Isaac, meaning "He will laugh". Peak Popularity: Brand is a unique name that is not listed in the top 1,000 in the U. Messiah is an unusual and audacious Aramaic name, meaning 'savior'. Bobo, the variation of Bob, is better used as a nickname than the first name. This list of pet names is perfect for your furry little girl. 25 Unique Aesthetic names and their meanings. Its meaning is "father is light". While traditional names will stand the test of time and be a far safer bet than anything else, they are also growing more common each day. Isidora Aristotle Ensley Colson Wells Nakoa Varro Moniker Bear Everest Edra. I’ve deciphered lots of data to find the most unique girl names! All the super-rare names on this list were given to 100 or fewer baby girls last year! That means they’re very unique and you’re u. Thatcher is an English occupational name meaning ‘roof thatcher’. The beauty of a name is that it is our identity for life. Vidrise; Meaning: “life,” “laughter. Haysen – Although this name was originally used as a surname, it has also been used as a given name more recently. If you like your baby names unique, this is the starting page for you. Find the perfect unique name for your baby girl or boy and learn its meaning, origin, and popularity. Uncommon and unusual baby names. This name is less common than other Welsh names like Evan, Griffin, or similar, which makes it truly special. Franco: This latinized version of Frank is an unusual boys name. This year we expect more names that defy convention, newly invented names with unique spelling and meaning. We've organized these unique names of all kinds into lists to make your search easier. Unique Baby Boy Names & Meanings. The name comes from Iceland where it means "the elements of swan and battle". ” A shorter variation of this name with a more modern touch would be “Waldo,” which means “to. So we have collected and compiled a list of unique baby boy names and meanings to make it easy for the parents. It’s an adorable name, and much of America agrees — it’s currently #239 of the top 1,000 most popular girls. · BODHI: Bodhi is a Sanskrit name meaning " . Hernan is a unique, creative name that fits an adventurous baby boy who loves knights and castles! 26. Haven is an English name that means “place of shelter” or a “refuge”. This name is derived from “Walthari,” which is an Old High German name. Learn more about finding the meaning behind your name online. Aidan This cute little name refers to "fire" or "someone born of fire". Haelyn (Hebrew origin), one of the best baby names meaning “the gift of God”. An unusual name meaning “fair and blessed”. 30 Unique and Cute Baby Boy Names With Meaning (A. When it comes to naming a baby, parents have a lot of ways to narrowing down their choices. It ranks only within the top 1,300 names for baby boys born in the US today. Shazia is a beautiful baby girl name with a feminine ring . List of Greek baby names, Greek babies names, Greek baby names and meanings has been compiled from various resources. Rare Baby Names: 150 Names That Are On Verge of Extinction. A few of them are popular but most are rare. It can also mean ‘from the town of. Spinster (English origin) meaning “to spin thread”. , though its alternative, Brandon, peaked at No. This is why many parents will choose more unique names. Check out this carefully curated list of 70 unique baby girl names to find the best name for your little one. Today, it is a quirk, unusual boy name. Nadira (Arabic origin), means "rare". , Innes has recently become relatively widespread in Scotland, where 77 baby boys were given this name in 2019. Landry — A natural leader — this rare name of Anglo-Saxon origin translates "ruler. Nestan (Persian origin), one of the best baby names meaning "unlike any other in the. 126 Rare Words With Beautiful Meanings. It fell back off in 2020 after ranking. This is a Danish word for “father of peace”. We have a list of some really cool, unique, and rare unisex names and their meanings that are perfectly suitable as baby girl names or baby boy names. It is the female name for Nadir. Top 41 Powerful, Strong Boy Names & Their Meanings. Picking a good name for your daughter is hard - you, and your baby girl, will have to live with it for the rest of your life. Which is why some parents are looking for uncommon girl names. Names have been growing in popularity for many years. We've got thousands upon thousands of unique girl names, unique boy names, and unique unisex names too. Famous Namesakes: Fictional character Elora Danan from the 1988 fantasy film "Willow," directed by Ron Howard. Chelsea This is a name that comes from old English and its literal meaning is "chalk wharf". Millicent: Millicent, meaning 'strong in work', is a perfect combination of innocent and mild. Anise – This name means ‘spice’ and it’s of English origin. Acer – A name that’s Latin in origin and it means ‘number one’ or ‘maple tree. It is an extremely popular girl’s name in Israel, but pretty rare elsewhere. Nameberry reports that these were the most popular unique girl names and unique boy names in 2017. Check it out! eBabyNames News: Zzyzx voted most bizarre name ever used for a baby. We've tracked down & researched 100 exotic boy names from all around the world. This pretty name means "cheerful" or "lively" in Italian and makes a beautiful option for a little girl. Her name may have been invented. Fraser - This popular Scottish name means strawberry. David is an English name derived from the. A combination of the Celtic and Irish meanings of this name would be “pretty. Have you ever wondered what your favorite baby name actually means? It’s all well and good to have a cute sounding name but what if the meaning is just…blasé? Choosing a powerful moniker for your future child is just as important as how the name LOOKS and SOUNDS. Word names are another huge trend, and we're loving Winter and Wren as rare alternatives. The following are the trendiest unique names for boys in the United Meaning “young warrior” in Latin, this strong, yet unique name . Unusual name meanings for baby boys and girls. Though last names for girls and guys are interchangeable in most situations, the following 13 cool last names for girls are ones that can help your strong female characters stand out. This name has been made by combining two beautiful names having contrasting meanings. Some are the ones I’ve heard from others and others are my coinage. Shutterstock Your partner might be more interested in the meaning of the name, . Family names are great as are old standards, but if you want your child to stand out, the best thing to do is seek out a rare name. Rare Names for Boys Apollo - This name of a Greek god means "to destroy" Caspian - The name of a sea and a popular literary character, Caspian is dreamy and strong Ellington - If you love musical-inspired names, Ellington is as cool as they come Fraser - This popular Scottish name means strawberry. Svana is a rare name, at least around here. 25 Gorgeous Girl Names That Are Extremely Rare (For Now). Abbott: This neglected name with religious overtones is an attractive naming option. How the name is used in the Bible – is it a character, location or a word? The exact passage in the Bible where the biblical name is located in. In fact, it was the second most popular name for baby girls in 2012. 25 Unique Unisex Baby Names And Their Meanings. Haelyn (Hebrew origin), one of the best baby names meaning "the gift of God". Many of us are looking to unique names - names that will make our daughters stand out. It comes from the name Magdalene, which means "tower. Every parent wants a name for their baby, which is unique and uncommon. A lovely name meaning little dark one. What is the meaning of the name Unique? The name Unique is primarily a gender-neutral name of American origin that means Unlike Others. Word names are another huge trend, and we’re loving Winter and Wren as rare alternatives. Yoruba Girl Names and Their Meaning Yoruba Girl Names Starting With A [A] Aanuoluwapo (The mercy of the Lord is abundant) Aarinola (The centre of wealth). It is a rare name for boys that has not been used a lot of late. Ajax is a name from Greek mythology meaning "of the earth. But guess what, most parents complain about a lack of proper names for their babies. It has been used for quite some time. 30 UNIQUE AND CUTE BABY BOY NAMES WITH MEANING (A-L) | ORIGINAL, TRENDY & RARE NAME LIST | Tune in for 30 unique baby names for boys (including their meaning. The Bible mentions two people named Lazarus and there are also several saints named 2. Maybe you will find your perfect name in this list. These strong, unusual names for boys were given to less than 100 babies last year: Angus. , h4>The name Mattea is a girl's name of Italian origin meaning "gift of God". Learn the meanings and origins of unique baby names. You can choose the apt one from these rare boy names and bless him with a lovely name for life. So that is a good place to look if you need a. This guide includes a list of 550 nonbinary names for a newborn child. Nestan (Persian origin), one of the best baby names meaning “unlike any other in the. Here are some really cool unique baby names that ranked in the top 500 for 2020, and will be players for 2021 and beyond. Ledger — A twist on the Germanic name Leodegar, which is made up of two elements with the meanings of . Use this guide to find the meaning of Christian names. Picking a name for your son can be a big responsibility. Anais is a French and Catalan version of the name Anna. Aspen – From the Old English aespe, it’s meaning is ‘aspen tree. While Dhruv is a rare name in the United States, . Rare Names for Girls · Aislinn - This Old Irish name means “dream” and it's quite dreamy · Bellamy - this uncommon first name is the first name of . When it comes to girls' monikers, the good thing is there are. Want a rare name for your boy? Virtually unheard of in the U. It comes from Old English and means "Ella's town. But they overlook great names with more unusual meanings. 503 Rare Baby Boy Names That No One Has Used. Thomas is a popular name with its roots in Greece. A unique name that may be just what you are looking for is the gorgeous name of Svana. Pulling inspiration from all over the world, with a heavy emphasis on exceptional meanings, we’ve assembled a list of some very rare baby names with lovely sounds and great potential. To help inspire your Hawaiian baby name search, we sourced ideas from our experts, as well as scoured baby names websites to come up with our own curated list of 51 beautiful and unique Hawaiian baby names. So, let’s find you a baby name for your super special baby girl! Most Popular. Rare Girl Names You Don't Know (Yet!). Magda is one of the rarest girl names in the US. An Arabic name meaning “captivating. A befitting name for y our little angle, this means “angle girl”. Are you searching for the most unusual and unique baby names for boys? Darne is a very rare boy name of French origin, meaning a piece, . Meaning "young warrior" in Latin, this strong, yet unique name certainly makes a statement. Unique Baby Girl Names 20 Strong Boy Names With Powerful Meanings. 1343 American Baby Names With Meanings The United States of America commonly referred to as the United States, is one of the most liberal countries in the world. Unique, rare, and unusual baby names with meanings and full history of origin. Unique Female Dog Names With Meanings · Ayesha: Alive (Arabic) · Malia: Beloved (Hawaiian) · Reveka: Captivating (Hebrew) · Abigail: Father's joy ( . This defines distinctive meanings of the names written in different kanji or spelling, however, facilitating endless limited possibilities of different meanings for a name. Of all the unusual words with beautiful meanings, selcouth might be the rarest. The Irish and Scottish name Angus actually means “one strength,” so it’s the perfect strong, unusual name for a boy! Barnes. The flexibility and distinctiveness although make Rare Japanese Names sweet and adorable to young parents. Hawaiian baby names created from western names. Names that are further down the list are usually more unique names, wild names, or recent celebrity baby names. It’s a shame, because you’d be ruling out some gorgeous monikers, but these are baby names with unusual meanings. These reports date back to the 1800s and provide interesting analysis into what names were more popular than others throughout the centuries. Need baby name inspiration? Here's over 100 of the most unique and unusual baby girl and boy names and their meanings. Or it could be a variation of Sidonia or Sidony. Japanese baby names such as Kazutaka, a name meaning "precious", are slowly gaining popularity among parents. Choose one of these names to give your child a unique flair. Please use this up to date list of Greek name as a reference to name your kid/child. Every parent wants a rare name for their boys, which is unique and uncommon. 100 baby names with the most POWERFUL meanings. This is derived from the Aleut word “alaxsxaq,” which means “the mainland. Unique Muslim baby boy names with meanings. Waldheri has the meaning of “ruler of the army. ” My related post: 11 Unique Spacecore names and their meanings. ‍ Unique Last Names With Super Cool Meanings. Hayami (Japanese origin), one of the best baby names meaning “a rare beauty”. With the constant trends of today, finding unique boy names. What I do hope is that as you go through them, you will find at least one that will make your heart sing. 70 Unique Boy Names and Their Meanings.