tantric priestess training. Intuitive Tantric healing is a journey to your highest, most vibrant self. There are no known Satanic ties in her past. Eight years training and experience in Health Education, Human Sexuality. Mermaid women often feel like they don't fit in with other humans. Mary Magdalene was a black robed Nazarene Priestess who now brings us the ancient mysteries for initiation as a modern day priestess. In the Temple of Bliss, both the Practitioner and the Receiver become the Mirrors for the growth, transmissions and revelations in the sacred crucible. In ancient Sumeria, ‘qadishu’ or temple dancers dedicated their love to service of the goddess, Ishtar. She was born in 964 and died in 1035, in the Heian period of Japanese history (794-1185). It's been designed to demystify tantra & connect you deeply to your body. 4 Moon online initiation into the temple magic of Isis " If the Goddess Isis has been calling you for sometime now, it is because it is time to come home, home to the Temple of Isis. Tracy Elise, head priestess and founder of the Phoenix Goddess Temple, has been found guilty on all 22 criminal counts of prostitution, maintaining a house of. Year-long Priestess training, certification and apprenticeship with Vanessa Sage -Sage Priestess (4 years) Tantric Rose Mystery School Priestess Training with Leyolah Antara -Kundalini Dance Rosa Mystica Ecstatic Priestess Training with Elayne Kalila Doughty & Diana DuBrow -Priestess Presence Temple & Emerald Temple. All Part of our "Sacred Life Sciences and Arts" Programs for Humanity's Progressive. With the assistance of ancient …. Learn to support qigong development. 15th - 17th Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioner Training ~ Sedona, Arizona. - Kinga Sidor, Yoga Teacher, NL. Posted: (3 days ago) I asked my Priestess for connections there. Read about her journey on the site today. Tao Tantric Qigong Instructor This certification requires previous study and a year of practice. There is no bias with regard to race, age, gender, or sexual orientation. Since, I was a child; I've been aware. Trained in classical Tantra & Bhakti Yoga in the lineage of master yogi Baba Hari Dass, Amita was the first woman to priestess at the Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple in the Santa Cruz mountains in 2011. Mermaids despise limitation and crave freedom, and feel oppressed in a world that is constantly telling them. Studied under the wing of Quantum Physics Experts and walked with respected Toltec. Tantric Relating - Evolve Your Sexuality. 2019 Kink Practitioner Training, Seani Love / School of Erotic Mysteries. nl And in ancient Egypt, semen battles were settled by getting the loser to eat the other guy's jizz by any method necessary. She combines her knowledge and study in the areas of psychology and tantra with her training as an energy worker to facilitate inner healing and better sex for her clients. Sat, Dec 4, 2021, 2:00 PM: Priestess InitiationEmbodying your Power through Ritual, Water Dance & Yoni Awakening!“A Priestess is a woman who helps others connect to the divine so they can heal and/or. I have a vision of priestess’s all over the globe offering sacred temple gatherings, where they invite women and men to connect to the divinity within. Advanced Spiritual Intimacy: The Yoga of Deep Tantric Sensuality by Stuart Sovatsky Ph. Tao Tantric Arts For Women Cultivating Ual Energy Love And. TANTRA GODDESS PRACTITIONER TRAINING 2013: 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd June, Byron Bay, Australia. It smells earthy and sexy and rooted and magical: you can feel the energy of this blend. These delightful sessions use sacred Tantric practices to awaken and harmonize sexual and Available for Tantra Training, Coaching, Counseling, Regression Hypnotherapy, Chakra Balancing. Cinthya Esquea Yermoshin, (RYT 200)is a tantra intimacy priestess, facilitator, coach, and delightful Afro-Latina enchantress. Your heart, your gifts, your vulnerabilities. This is the year for us all to fly! This is the year where we finally accept our souls sacred promise and walk, dance, play and fly this path in the world. Tantra Massage is an act of Love, a dance, a creation, a flow in the movement of my hands over your body. Each session is a unique ceremony. For over 3 years, she has facilitated monthly Red Tent: Sacred Priestess Circles for womxn to create community and embody the Divine Feminine. I have imbibed & integrated mystical transmissions form various masters since 1973. Nama is a certified Tantra Yoga teacher from the Shri Kali ashram in India. She holds a superclear loving safe space for women and men in her workshops and trainings wordwide. With that initial discovery, I begin my search for knowledge and a deeper understanding to the human experiences. Red Moon Tantra Priestess Retreat. Online Hypnosis Training Course. Tao Tantric Arts Women's Symposium 2020 - Teachers Tao Tantric Arts has been evolving naturally towards creating an empowerment for women to stand in the power as a Priestess, and work not only with women, but with men and with couples. Classical Tantra Studies w/Paul Mueller Ortega, Christopher Wallace & others Taught Tantra workshops with Shamana Ma & 15 years Priestess experience Certified VITA intimacy coach (800 hrs of training specializing in men's psychology) from the Tantric School of Integrated Wholeness by Layla Martin. It will awaken your feminine energy, deepest intimate desires, sensuality and provide you with multiple insights about who …. This is a 4-section training for ladies offered by Tantra-Essence. It will awaken your feminine energy, deepest intimate desires, sensuality and provide you with multiple insights about. Before Greek alphabetical language, there has been images of the priestess that showed her doing her craft, be it a conductor of tantric meditation, witchery, divination, a librarian, an …. Course Syllabus · Week 1: Introduction to Tantra · Week 2: Awakening Kundalini (Divine Feminine Energy) · Week 3: The Upward Shift: The Heart of Tantric Practice. Certificates – Kriya Yoga, Ipsalu Tantra, Kundalini Yoga, Taoist Tantra & Meditation, Shakta Tantra, Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, Healing Touch Therapy, Theta Healing Researcher: Enlightened Sexuality Survey for Women (2008-2020) results being analyzed and then published. Women who participate in the school's program will be initiated as Priestesses, as those who know, who have amazing skills and knowledge to offer to other. Enjoy learning planetary Tantra for all Womankind, Mankind, dualities and polarities of Yin/Yang, Male/Female, God/Goddess, all that is. Explore how to bring your Priestess and Priest gifts into your world. it was my intent, with the contribution of the research contained below, to ground the rituals they described as those of. Priestess sanctuary Is a All women owned business. Once you decide you're interested in tantric sex, experts recommend trying it with yourself first. PDF | Abstrak Papua Barat menjadi wilayah dimana keberagamaan dan keberagaman mengalami perjumpaan dengan etnisitas. Magdalena Priestess Training $ 1,500. TEMPLE OF BLISS: Tantra Priestess Temple Arts of Shamanic. The Order Of Indomitus was created and is run by it's head Mistress Michelle Lacy, her Mistress friends and her slaves. It was inspired by the private New Moon Fire Ceremony I hosted last night in Palm Beach. Thank you sis! - Sydney Campos, Los Angeles, author of "The Empath. New York City Tantra Massage New York Bliss Massage Sacred Temple Massage Lomi Lomi Massage Tantra Services Tantra Teachers Tantra Yoga Tantra Workshops. FIND CLARITY ON KUNDALINI TANTRA, TANTRIC YOGA, KUNDALINI KRIYA YOGA, LAYA YOGA, SHAKTIPAT, SIDDHANTA, SIDDHA YOGA, TANTRIC MASSAGE, NEO-TANTRA AND CLASSICAL TANTRA even if it the practitioner has had training in Ayurvedic, Tibetan or Taoist therapeutic techniques. Tantra is a timeless tradition with methods for raising consciousness. This is the pathway we are all on. A Tantric Synergy Priestess assists men through the steps for reconnecting with their sexual energy in a healthy way, and for allowing more pleasure and . The Female Orgasm Intensive is an online Tantra training program for women, consisting of 6 Modules of beautifully filmed video instruction. The function of the faience figurines in the tombs has been theorized to serve as a fertility charm, an amulet to assure the dead a good sex ‘after life’, or to represent a feminine ideal but considering that Hathor was known as the Lady of the West, who welcomes …. 3rd Sex and Consciousness Conference ~ Seattle, Washington Oct. Master the Art of Sacred Inner Union and Tantric Alchemy to Confidently Facilitate Temples of Transformation and Spiritual Activation. Vida Mountain Resort, Costa Rica. Most often, couples join a workshop together and work with each other exclusively as partners throughout the day. Slí na Bandé, meaning “The Way of the Goddess,” is a sustainable living project and a response to the deteriorating environmental conditions of this planet. The Tantric Temple Priestess Training. Ancient bathing/cleansing rituals, bodywork. You'll awaken deep intuitive gifts, and gain professional skills for using this profound healing energy in the modern…. The format I am offering here is shaped to meet the particular requirements of a lineage practice that is passed on by direct transmission. The gel is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and does not stain or damage fabric. com), and ISTA’s Sacred Sexual Shamanic Experience Level 1-2 (schooloftemplearts. For our Passionatrix Ignited event, we are offering an Early Bird special for $350. Natural Canine Training, Service Dog & Therapy Dog Training. Time: Aug 9, 2020 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting. connect sex with babies, they didn't have a clue. 2018 Month Long Tantra Teacher Training, Tribal Tantra. I use tools from my backround in yoga, meditation, tantra, taoism, and the Somatica Method of somatic sex and relationship coaching. Alek Lumina is a High Priestess and Founder of Tao Tantra. I started my holistic training about 9 years ago, studying and obtaining various certificates for the postural, sporting and relaxing treatments. 2005: Universal Reiki Training and Certification with Robert Allen, Seattle, WA. Deeply honouring and Loving as well as challenging and rich in gifts, sessions are held within sacred space in person- in a beautiful little Rhiannon temple, or via Skype. Inanna's sanctuary is a sacred realm of beauty and understanding, where you will be surrounded by heavenly sights, sounds and smells that awaken the Tantric god or goddess within, allowing you to effortlessly step back into your true divine nature. com Dedicated as a Priestess of Bridie (The triple healing goddess) 2010 I have also participated in the following courses Shamanic training with John Two Birds (Native American Indian) (1998). My lineage is of Isis, the Cosmic Mother, the Great Goddess, who has spoken to me since I was very young. Tantra courses, retreats, priestess school, yogi egg training and tantric couples training are available in Bali and Ibiza. While last year’s resoundingly successful inaugural event was at Casita Verde, this. I was triggered by one of the girls who attended my Goddess circle who shared with me her own path of this deep healing work. Daya has been the Guardian of the Glastonbury Tantric Temple since it's foundation in 2011. We have been a registered place of worship since 2003. Once you complete the Level 1 Priestess Training on the Foundational Wisdom of the Goddess, you are eligible to enroll in Awakened Priestess Level 2 & 3 Priestess Trainings which will be offered in 2021 & 2022. Taoist Priestess Women's Training. I AM a Quantum & Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach, Holistic Consultant and Facilitator and Ordained Priestess in The Order of Melchizedek that provides multiple forms/modalities of energetic healing including; Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui, Tibetan, Kundalini reiki traditions, Pranic Healing, Shamanism, Quantum Touch, Crystal therapy, Sound …. The High Priestess would have been 26 years old …. Those initiations can come through physical transmission from guru to disciple, through letters, through meditation, …. Awaken ancient wisdom that is already within you, reveal your mystical archetype and unleash your true self as an expression of life force. She has trained in couples and singles Tantra with Sarita, in Tachyon with David Wagner, in Osho Meditations, Chakras, and Women’s Tantra Yoga. One of the earliest recorded rituals of the Temple, and perhaps the deepest and most persistent of undertakings of sacred sexualty, was the ritual of hieros gamos — sacred marriage. Module 1: Join our 3 month intensive Priesthood Initiation, becoming an embodied Priest/Priestess in the arts of tantric living, sexual shamanism, magic, . With over 26 years experience I have been helping people feel blissful in their bodies! I am NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, Kripalu Certified Yoga Instructor, Licensed Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Ecstatic & Exotic Dance Instructor, & Currently Training as a Tantric Priestess. 2010 Tantric Massage Course - London Sacred Sexuality Practitioner Training with ISTA Tantric Shamanic Bodywork with Carlos Jalon Discovering Oneness – London Tantra Weekend with Luba Evans. Post-Graduate Advanced Level Training for those who have completed. In January 2018 I started my conscious Tantric Priestess Awakening. This tantric program gives you the secrets and practices of tantric sex and the real experience of being with a woman skilled in the arts of sacred sex: One and a half hour practical session with the Tantra Goddess. My purpose is to help others heal themselves from within with these powerful tools that I’ve learned along the way. (This is done either symbolically, or it can be done according to tantric practice involving the completion of an act of ritual coitus with the. "conscious sexuality" or "sacred intimacy" rather than Tantric sexuality. During and after his formal Ayurvedic training he was tutored in Ayurveda, Yoga, Jyotish, Tantra and other forms of classical Indian lore by his mentor, the Aghori Vimalananda. My study, my passion, and my work are in the art of relating. Liberate your primal feminine nature and inner shamaness. Enigma of the Tantric Mothers: Darshan of the 64 Yogini. Rion is the founder of Sexy Chi and it’s his mission to serve the vision of Sexy Chi and awakening multi-dimensional Beauty professionally in the West. The Portal Priestess Initiation is the answer to the Divine Calling we all have been hearing and can no longer deny. She desires to merge with everything, and uses this sexual energy to create new life and new worlds. Specializing in working with prominent visionary women and leading women entrepreneurs on their most intimate relationships, Lana guides her clients into the deepest level of intimacy and transforms their intimate relationships into a work of Art. Thursday night December 8th we gathered in Sedona to honor my mother, Freda Morris Belden. Clarity Barton is a Tantric Yoga Teacher, a Healer and a Women’s Gatherings Facilitator. Rani completed the Tantra Teacher Training with Sarita and deepened her . It was 2009, and I had climbed my way up the corporate ladder in the product development industry. Tantra isn't just a sexual practice. Get to know Wiccan Priestess Lady Nimue le Fay, who started Bodhi Tantra in 2016. Jin Shin Do Acupressure Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Advanced 3, Master class + Facial. When You Enrol in Priestess Training, You'll Receive: 1. She is an expert in creating a. See more ideas about tantric, kundalini, tantra. Discover the spiritual mysteries of sexuality, and. Byron Bay Tantra, Byron Bay, Australia. Tantra is an advanced Mahayana practice for attaining enlightenment. HOW TO ARRANGE YOUR MASSAGE VISIT. Several famous Tantra schools: Agama, Wild Tantra, Dhyan Niten (ISTA teacher), The Paths of Transformation, De-Armoring Training, Tantra Priestess School. In the Tantric Priestess Training will dive into the shadow that prevents your voice from radiating passionately. This training is all about really mastering the spiritual level of holding space and healing. Je vindt hier mijn aanbod aan trainingen, retraites, pelgrimstochten, workshops, vieringen, sessies en ritueelbegeleiding, allemaal vanuit de achtergrond van het levensbeschouwelijk vrouwenwerk, thealogie, herstory, vrouwelijke spiritualiteit, tantra en heilige seksualiteit. Asheville at 2 […] Find and compare Tantra Yoga Teacher Training courses in Asheville. The book ‘Sexual Secrets for Men’, value $30. According to Turner and Sherman, a priestess is someone who's in touch with her intuition and sexuality, in tune with nature, skilled in transformative crafts such as incense blending and tantric meditation, and deeply connected to a higher power—a potent mix that helps her navigate issues in relationships, health, money, body image, and. Embodiment - Sexuality - Relating. 7 online SHAMANIC, TANTRIC & EMBODIMENT workshops that will reunite you with what’s been missing: an unshakable connection with your own power, knowing and healing. com: Crystal Healing Practitioner Diploma Course With Julie Turner-Adkin. Yoga Teacher Training: Kripalu -MA-2004. This is the Yoga of the New Frequency. It is a path full of authenticity, dedication, strength, vulnerability, healing depth and growth. So by taking the time to study Tantra and learning about different sexual characteristics will provide for you the training you missed as a young man or woman. The Venusian Rose Temple Arts Manuscript, this is a handwoven antique style manuscript made personal for each woman who attends. All classes are the nourishing and empowering combination of yogic asana, female tantric and dao practices, intuitive dance and deep rest. Guitar & Mandolin: Martijn Ketelaar. She is true to the spiritual essence of Tantra and guides her students on the path of self realization through a wide range of Seminars, Retreats. Massage Therapist & Advanced Bodywork Certifications, Ordained Minister, Facilitator of Shamanic Plant Medicine Circles, Sound Healer, Ceremony Priestess and Teacher in the Temple Arts. Of course I have come across many people of all ages that claim the position of High Priest/Priestess because they feel that all it takes is leadership, this really is a misconception. This is also why, in Tantra Marga, we bring together different approaches, teachings. Intimacy & Erotic Coach/Educator. Tantra, like modern forms of Paganism, was—and remains—a complete spiritual system, covering all aspects of life. Sacred Tantra Online Workshop This workshop is presented by dedicated Hridaya teachers and experienced practitioners Valentina Cannavò and Hadi Beyrouti. Sacred Tantric Priestess – Body Love Tantra Therapy-dakini training , Sacred. She has a lot of experience in women’s work (priestess magic), couple work and Tantric Dance. She is the conduit for heaven on earth. Aina Olsen has been initiated into the tradition of the sweat lodge (temazcal) and vision quest by Andres King Cobos from Mexico and she has been his apprentice since 2012. Soul Leadership Tantra Training with Chantelle . Maisha is currently a student of the Institute of Authentic Tantra where she will go through a year-long Tibetan Buddhist Tantra training program, and become a Certified. The nature of Goddess is intrinsically tantric. Cultivating life energy is an erotic and spiritual experience, the full expression of the sacred body and sensual spirit is welcomed through breath and sound as One. Avalon Priestess Training level: 2 A certified Level 2 training working with sacred teachings of the 9 Priestesses of Avalon. TRAININGS & INITIATIONS: Over the past 30 years, I have …. And the priests/priestess were women. Homa: Shingon Buddhist Tantric Fire Ritual > Event Details. Corrina Rasmussen, World Unity Shamanic Training Institute - Calgary,Alberta. The Order consists of a group of dominant women who get together at weekend gatherings to celebrate femdom which are chosen by the head Priestess Mistress Michelle Lacy and voted on as a group. initiating you to the tantric practices and shamanic healing journeys relevant to . Tantric Priestess & Somatic Healing Arts Training Level 1. I also have several degrees, including a PhD and work experience in the biological and behavioral sciences. Why is Tantra, the "pleasure path" to spirituality, also seen as dangerous? I'm wandering in, around, and above Union Square with Francesca Gentille, founder of the Sacred Courtesan School, the Knights of Eros, and the Temple of Shadows. As one of the Bible's most enigmatic figures, Mary Magdalene has been revered and reviled throughout the ages. Lana Elco is the world’s leading intimacy artist & the creator of the Intimate Universe brand. To add this event to your calendar, click the date(s) below. 2004 Shiva Shakti worship, Intimacy Coach training, Alorah Innanah, Marin CA. Tantra Training & Mentoring Men's Warrior Session Tantric Yoga What is Tantra? Media Retreats For Men, it was deemed an initiation rite of passage to be in the presence of a Priestess. The Awaken as Love Initiation is a journey open to everyone - it begins with a choice to go on an adventure that will expand you beyond the boundaries of your current existence. Eliyah not only offers spiritual retreats, sessions, and online courses but also boutique Tantric Bodywork Training which will help you to develop your own signature. (These are paid in either a monetary and/or skill set exchange. Her new creation, ' Devya Taya, Divine Power by Her' is a live dance celebration that reclaims the lost tantric arts of the Divine Feminine, empowering us all to remember and emerge anew. These immersions include teachings and hands-on training, bonding as sisters, field trips and sleepovers, surprise gifts and guests!. Francesca (in Italian): [email protected] In the Temple of Bliss, both the Practitioner and the Receiver become the Mirrors for the growth, transmissions and revelations …. Vocals: Heloise Pilkington, Sigurd Olivier. We recommend you to participate in this course before entering any tantra workshop, and/or the modules of the Temple Priestess year-training. As a student of this course you are expected to do four things 1. While there are some that are fantastic, the majority get it all wrong, especially when it comes to sacred sexual healing. she is a certified Tantra Yoga Educator, Kundalini. Tantric sex turns your love-life into the ultimate lovemaking. Classical Tantra Studies w/Paul Mueller Ortega, Christopher Wallace & others Taught Tantra workshops with Shamana Ma & 15 years Priestess experience Certified VITA intimacy coach (800 hrs of training specializing in men’s psychology) from the Tantric School of Integrated Wholeness by Layla Martin. Today we are introducing our new High Priestess, Raiya. The Priestess Presence Online Mysterium: The 9 Gateways of the Alchemical Priestess is an experiential course for spiritual training. School of Temple Arts (ISTA) Level 1, SSSEX Retreat "Reawakening in. Priestess Training Online Course. Posted in Moving, music, Self Responsibility and Love, Trascending with tags goddess, ritualdance, sacredfeminine, Spirit, tantra on August 9, 2020 by calabartheatre. Tantra classes and training courses come in many forms, may it be couples workshops, long-term courses, retreats, one-on-one training, coaching and counselling, online or in-person, and through specialized schools, academies or individual Tantric practitioners and therapists. com 503-432-0486 [email protected] She helps people rediscover the innocence and sacredness of their sexuality, and start experiencing. If you ever want love to shower in your life, renounce this conflict with sex. In August 2021, a last meeting to celebrate the initiation of Mary Magdalene as Priestess. Quite simply, expanding your consciousness happens …. Certified Shamanic Medicine Practitioner level 1-4. December 9, 2011 / in acceptance, awakening, Freedom / by TFA Crystal Sedona. Priestess Training through Goddess Isis Ancient Secret Teachings. More Priestess of Avalon & Soul Singer for Goddess (women) 22 – 24 April Goddess Hall, Glastonbury. 1st - 6th 2011 Sacred Sexual Priestess Training ~ Byron Bay, Australia ~ January 2011. Includes the latest news stories, results, fixtures, video and audio. Your fire will transform into light. tantric orgasm for women book by diana richardson. Corynna Clarke in Phoenix Goddess Temple for Daka/Dakini Initiation & Certified Tantra Educator (C. Crystal Dawn's Tantra studies began in 1989 when she had a spontaneous kundalini awakening that changed her life. There are aspects of Tantra that speak to qualities found on each of these levels On your mobile device It is not limited to making woman a more appropriate receptacle of man’s sexual advancements The ancient path of tantra is a nature based path that deeply honors human sexuality, and yet it has implications that go far beyond …. Places of spiritual awakening and soul-level healing. Author Sharron Rose draws on her years of experience with the ancient arts of tantra. Certificates - Kriya Yoga, Ipsalu Tantra, Kundalini Yoga, Taoist Tantra & Meditation, Shakta Tantra, Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, Healing Touch Therapy, Theta Healing Researcher: Enlightened Sexuality Survey for Women (2008-2020) results being analyzed and then published. In tantric lovemaking, you melt together in a state of ultimate love, in a sacred union, Ecstatic, divine, sacred love…. I am also a Tantra certified massage therapist and Tantra massage teacher, combining experience and different knowledge about the body, mind and spirit!!!. Tantric Practice of Platonism. In her sessions and groups, she. Woman Shaman Priestess Healer Initiatory Training - these are disciplined, guided initiatory tracks leading to initiation as an Evenstar Woman Shaman Priestess and ordination as Clergy as a Dianic DruidCraft and Feminist Dianic Wiccan Priestess of the Evenstar Earth Path Seminary. Eliyah offers training in life, love, and service. Her formal SkyDancing Tantra training started in 2003 with Margot Anand, best-selling author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy. Mystical Practices to Connect with the Goddess. She is the founder of The School of Breath Medicine and Sacred Cacao Ceremony and 5 Element Dance, holding teacher. She has been passionately coaching and sharing Yoga and Tantra for women for the last ten years. She’s a sorceress, a priestess, a tantrika with great love in her heart and great magic in her body. Women in Hindu Shakta Tantra – WRSP. He came 1986 for his first visit to India where he met Osho and stayed at the Osho Commune in Poone for 11 years. PHOENIX GODDESS TEMPLE TIMELINE. Yogini Gopika, Tantrik Priestess and Intuitive Spiritual Guide, has created “Yogini Shakti Tantra” to empower women through feminine spirituality and ancient women's wisdom. Leia Gamache, WhiteFire Coaching - Calgary, Alberta. All of us have a vast amount of wisdom and potential within. Gain a new qualification with our Qigong Instructor certification (optional). Tantra video and audio trainings online. Taina has a Master’s Degree, is a Tantric Counselor, a certified Energetic Relationship Practitioner, Holistic Health and Wellness Coach and Theta Healing Practitioner. She is a Lemurian Priestess with Tantric orientation, Belly Dance Teacher, Urban Nature Lover, Reiki Master, Feng Shui Consultant, Environmental Educator, Community Activist and a contributing Creative in the Wisdom Institutes' Passing The Torch Preserving the The Flame non-profit, transformational Womynst program. As the founder of Temple Body Work, I specialize in a unique form of massage called Polynesian KaHuna (Lomi Lomi). Priestess: The Life and Magic of Dion Fortune 9781870450119 | eBay. Caroline Muir is a Tantra Yoga educator, best-selling author, and the Queen of the modern Tantra movement. It’s easy (once you get the hang of it), you can do it anytime, anywhere without any specialized equipment. Nama Devi is a Tantric Priestess, Healer and Bodyworker, facilitating groups in Europe and Asia. Shakti Temple Arts–offering temple dance, tantra and priestess arts, created by my dancing sister Halo Seronko– www. Cops and prosecutors called it a brothel. a high priestess for many years (20+) a graduate of Divine Feminine Institute. nl And in ancient Egypt, semen battles were settled by getting the loser to eat the other guy’s jizz by any method necessary. The Certified Authentic Tantra® Practitioners listed on this page have completed between 100 - 500+ hours of academic training, study, and applied practice in. Read Free Tao Tantric Arts For Women Cultivating Ual Energy Love And SpiritVolcano Love Poem -- Tao Tantric Arts What is a priestess Sexual Tao TantraTao Tantric Arts For Women Tao Tantric Arts offers fully empowering teacher trainings for individuals to go deeper into their own journey and to facilitate the journeys of others. Mary Magdalene Mystery School was created in 2014 and since then Women from different parts of the world have been ordained. So here's the thing about keeping your word: it doesn't matter how you feel when it's time to keep your word. 2020-2021 – one-year training with Katinka Soetens which leads to self-dedication into the Sisterhood of the Goddess of Love as Sacred Sexual Priestess. An initial consultation (one hour = $150) is the first step to determine if this is a good option for you. A dakini (Sanskrit: "sky dancer") is a Tantric priestess of ancient India who "carried the souls of the dead to the sky". I always laugh, get stretched and am deeply moved. Grandomothers and Curanderas from. She is the creator of “Shakti Yoga” and “Free Woman”, a Tantra Women Training. Reiki has a similar effect on the body/mind as meditation. When You Enrol in Priestess Training, You’ll Receive: 1. After studying traditional Hatha Yoga in India, she graduated from an international Shamanic Yoga School where she learned many intentional and ceremonious tools to enrich the experiential journey that she guides her students and her Sisters through. Over years, I have danced extensively with this source energy power. the mankind/womankind/humankind relationship/ relativity dynamics. The Full Priestess Initiation Journey. Pleasure Priestess Mentorship. They are both sex therapists and tantric goddesses or gods in action. 1:1 Sessions + IG 🔝 🔥Tantric Intimacy Coach Feminine SX Healing• Free gift ⬇️. -Tools for your shamanic, tantric, priestess toolbox. In them self, in their body’s vibration, in their relationships, in all that they create in the world. my coaching method is a Tantric, intuitive, and scientific approach to Love, Sex, & Relationships. Leyolah offers Priestess Initiation Training retreats and online programmes in Ecstatic Kundalini Dance. Eve combines a broad range of physical, emotional and psychological embodiment practices, that support her clients to connect to the most alive and authentic versions of themselves. The first step towards entering the Priestess training is participation in the Six Day Tantric Dance I M M E R S I O N , May 13th through 18th, 2008 (Tuesday through Sunday). 2002-2005 (June 21): Elise developed relationships with. Certified facilitator of Osho meditations and professional Tantra Massage Therapist. Tantric Healing Arts Practitioner Training. A Unique and Traditional Jade Priestess Initiation, that will include all the aspects of this Lineage which are: Self-Healing, including the Jade Egg Secrets in a tradition of +5000 years, the Art of Bedchamber (Ancient Tantric Secrets), Shamanic Healing, and Martial Arts with Tai Chi Qigong with Self-Defence for Women. We value the human heart desire for better sexual interaction that is an essential basis for a harmonious relationship and love life. I'm blowing my conch calling out to all Yoginis, Priestesses, Sacred Witches, and Spiritual Seekers! I'm asking you to embrace and awaken your sensual . The Australian School of Tantra is now offering courses for Professional use, and be eligible to be listed with Tantra Education Australia as a professional Tantra Goddess. She helps people become more powerful and magnetic, create deeper connections with themselves and others so that they can have more fulfilling lives. The path of Red Tantra is the journey of partnership. Early bird price for the Priestess Maxims class is $250. Feminine Embodiment Facilitator Training, Tantric Alchemy School of Awakened Arts, Costa Rica (2019) Tarot for the Wild Soul School, Lindsay Mack, (2019 & 2020) 5 years of weekly Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy. Receive in-depth training and tools to heal & re-wire the nervous system Learn full body de-armouring - in harmony and pace of the woman's body and opening - The Pleasure Temple Method & Arts. The first temple of Wings and roses Initiation Programme on Feb 1st Then a new temple will be unlocked on the first day of each month in-person or live zoom session at 7. She deeply supports women through their journey to remembrance and in the embodiment of their truth. I studied the esoteric and practical science of healing through Colour and Light with Peter Mandel. Increased vitality and expanded pleasure and playfulness? As I approach our session together there is a magic that happens. Mystery School is an inter-spiritual experience of total immersion with 10 Master. We offer reiki, tarot readings, locally made products and classes. You’ll awaken deep intuitive gifts, and gain professional skills for using this profound healing energy in the modern…. "Ile Ogundase started in 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia. And here we are, almost five years later and. Ava's passion for the dark power of the feminine - to heal, to challenge, to change the world - runs deep. Kundalini Dance Priestess Facilitator. Make sure it's clean, choose music that puts you into a sensual mood, dim the light, use essential oils that are pleasant to your senses, and make sure the room temp is. It is the card of mystery and psychic wisdom. Tag: Priestess New Moon Ceremony. To complete any of ELIYAH's Tantra Training or Spiritual Retreats, you are choosing to deepen your personal spiritual practice by accessing the keys to . Jun 8, 2019 - Tantric kundalini yoga sexuality growth. • I hereby give my consent to participate in and to receive massage and/or other bodywork, or instruction in Tantra-Massage, Yoga, bodywork including types of massage and intimate touch, energy work. My Dakini's personal favorites and earliest exposures to tantric thought and training,. It's easy (once you get the hang of it), you can do it anytime, anywhere without any specialized equipment. Tantric Relating – Evolve Your Sexuality. Empowering women to stand and serve as Priestesses in their own communities and cities, this unique, first of its kind training offers the Taoist Qigong Arts, …. Clarity Barton is a Tantric Yoga Teacher, a Healer and a Women's Gatherings Facilitator. Welcome to our Earth Priestess Arts : temple training immersion. “conscious sexuality” or “sacred intimacy” rather than Tantric sexuality. Tantra is a framework that supports the attainment of higher consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. For more information or to apply, email [email protected] " Ronja is the ULTIMATE badass visionary priestess TURNING ON so many souls around the globe, empowering leaders to be AUTHENTIC AF and feel deeply connected to their body-spirit-soul consciousness Hell yes AMEN. Highden Mystery School Temple Training- New Zealand. Roxanne has 1 job listed on their profile. In this potent revelatory work, the reader is stunned and quickened by the Shakti power that dances off each page. She is also connected to the frequency of the dove. Master the Art of Sacred Inner Union and Tantric . But yes, including your sex life. A palpable sense of urgency filtered through the ancient Temple as powerful vibrations rose to incredible heights by the Priest and High Priestess…together through Tantric Sexuality. The esoteric realm, for example, is a mystical and magical odyssey we all have access to using this beautiful power. Auras interlocked now, so amplified is the energy, they actually feel their partner’s pleasures, as if being IN the others body. We are aware that the term “Priestess” is a gendered term in English, and it is the only word that has presented itself so far as conveying the intersection of healing science and magical ritual that you will be learning to facilitate here. Empowering, Transformative, Juicy, and FUN!!! **This training is for women identified people only **. I am a lover of life, mamma nature and all things Shakti. The online priestess training will help you enjoy the calmness of the mind with a composed nature. This is a 3 year Mystery School training to live as an embodied, ecstatic Magdalena Priestess. walked by countless women throughout time. Ordained Priestess of the Isis. This 18-month teacher training is for those called to the path of the priestess / priest. Their shared values are love, affection, genuine relationships, music, poetry, being in touch with nature, and the…. Find Tantra Practitioner sessions near me offers sensual touch massage breathwork chakras guided meditation healing energy in sessions one on one couples men and women call 503 432-0486 [email protected] Loraia is widely known for her transformational Goddess and Tantric workshops, including Aphrodite’s Journey, Jewel of Shakti and Inanna’s Descent. Zeena was raised within the Church of Satan, and came to international prominence early in life as the organization's spokesperson, defending the. Welcome to the Mary Magdalene Priestess Training. The first step is to "transform your bedroom into a temple," says Sofia Sundari, international tantra teacher and founder of the Tantra Mystery School and the Priestess School. Much meditation is part of a religious practice, and most major religions have systems of meditation. Tantra Yoga asanas are derived from the Vedas, ancient metaphysical knowledge. Embarking on this magical journey to self discovery is the conscious decision to step into your most empowered and enlivened state of being. Join me and let's create this life together. Join us on a year-long journey designed for women who want to remember their feminine wisdom and their power. Priestess Training With Leyolah Antara. I am a Sister of Avalon at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, and a Priestess of Rhiannon trained by Katinka Soetens and I am a Priestess of Morgan le Fey, running red tents and women's circles and training programs and retreats and all sorts. , Good Vibrations sexologist and curator of the Antique Vibrator Museum. Originally from Philly, she had a near death experience on her spiritual journey west. "Ronja is the ULTIMATE bad ass visionary priestess TURNING ON so many souls around the. Priestess Training Level 2 - Tantra & Sacred Sexuality SEP 8 - OCT 13, 2021. We begin each day at 10am and will go until approximately 6pm. Regular Reiki promotes personal & spiritual growth, expands. The 5 year curriculum of Ngakpa Training offers an in-depth study of Vajrayana Buddhist history, philosophy and practice, focusing on the Inner Tantras of the Nyingma Tradition, also known as MahaYoga, AnuYoga, and Dzogchen. Something about human culture feels off, and their sensitive, emotional nature is often overwhelmed by current events and human drama. Slí na Bandé is a versatile community, offering services in –. Myofascial Energy Release practitioner. Aina is currently undergoing a 2 year long Medicine Priestess training & apprenticeship. "Lisa’s Tantra circles open in me new ways of connecting with the divine feminine as a male from a holistic, heart centered and empowered place. Tantric Awareness Apprenticeship Program. We've already defined Buddhist tantra as "a means to enlightenment through identity with tantric deities. This is a leadership training that will empower you with the tools & embodied education, to hold your very own womens circles, workshops, retreats, work 1:1 with clients. She is a Bhakti Tantra Yoga Teacher with a lifetime of experience, having been initiated into the mystical. Tantra and Sacred Intimacy Group Workshops and Events - Variable Cost. "Lisa's Tantra circles open in me new ways of connecting with the divine feminine as a male from a holistic, heart centered and empowered place. Authentic Tantra: Holistic Healing for Body, Mind & Sex - 2014 with Devi Ward. The course provides a gateway into a true understanding of what it means to become a Priestess or Priest of Goddess and Avalon. The Raven's Nest is a safe space that doubles as our guest house for traveling Priests & Priestesses. Sekhmet - Wild Wise Woman Online Retreat. A Sacred Tantric Healing session is an experience of being awakened to your own divine nature and immersed in a state of vital, loving, erotic energy. show up to the live calls when possible & 100% listen to the replays fi you don't show up live. This program is not designed to treat or diagnose any psychological disorders. Tantric priestess in the forests of Kashmir and shares his adventure in . Tantra Education Australia is offering a certified course and employment opportunity to graduates of the Tantra goddess Level 1 program. •Tantra Healing Arts Training: April 5-21, Austin, Tx •Tantric Practitioner Training: May 19-30, Austin, Tx •Energy Sxx Level 2: July 19-26, Sedona, Arizona •Tribal Tantra Level 1: Oct 1-31, Ubud, Bali •Extraordinary Facilitators: Nov 10-17, Cabo, Mexico •Priestess Initiation: Dec 4-8, Cabo, Mexico. We endeavour to make this powerful training available to as many people as possible, bringing in top leaders in the fields of sacred sexuality, personal development, tantra and shamanism. She's been practicing Tantra for over 10 years since she was initiated into one-on-one esoteric training with a Master who told her it was her destiny to teach this Love. Tantra - Can’t Orgasm – Psychological Barriers Preventing Orgasm. If you are ready for our Practitioner Program (you must complete Level 1 & 2 Ashanna Solaris is a dynamic priestess and an alternative therapist and tea cher for over 26 years facilitating hundreds of workshops and private sessions. For thousands of years, women have been walking this Path of the Priestess in sisterhood. This unique Goddess Priestess Tantrika Training Course combines Energy Transmissions from the Lineage of Mary Magdelene and the Godess Hathor, exercises from Tantra, and Shamanic Journeying. A method of attainment of higher powers and spiritual flowering through the use of the physical powers endowed from sexual polarity. Possibly the most sophisticated Tantric system developed in India was the brilliant synthesis by Abhinavagupta, the 10th/11th century aiva-kta polymath from Kashmir. She has been active in her practice of Witchcraft since the age of 16. Conducting trainings for men and women on sexuality & relationships, Tantra Massage Professional Trainings, energy work and sexual Shamanism. YuliaRose (@iamyuliarose333) on TikTok | 1. Tantric ArtsWhat is a priestess Sexual Tao TantraTao Tantric Arts For Women Tao Tantric Arts offers fully empowering teacher trainings for individuals to Page 14/50. Relationship Manifestation the High Priestess is the first card which connects the Supernal Triad with. Tantra teacher and professional trainer with over 16 years of training experience, life coach, body&breath worker. Another Tantra teacher from India in the early 1960's, the Beatles beloved Maharishi Mahesh Yogi with Transcendental Meditation, Indian SikhYogi Bhajan brought Kundalini Yoga, and many others. As described by Sunyata Satchitananda, "She has a magical connection to the great mystery, the pregnant void, mother of all creation, source energy. A male Tantric partner could be booked in addition. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. An immersion of alchemy and building community. Phoenix Goddess Temple Founder Tracy Elise insists she was running a type of church that offered sexual-healing services in return for a donation. This is a sacred Temple, where women will be gathering together to connect, tap into the mystical realms of life, cultivate deep presence and connection with nature, perform sacred sexual, shamanic, Tantric practices and rituals together, as well as supporting each other in our powerful dharma and in the process of. Gaia, Tantric Priestess, Sex Witch, Reservoir – 30 Melbourne Greetings beloveds, I welcome you into my Temple of Bliss, my Altar of Sensual Worship and a space where you can rejuvenate, recalibrate and recentre yourself to bring out the …. To register please fill out the application and mail it to Triambika at [email protected] The Certified Authentic Tantra® Practitioners listed on this page have completed between 100 – 500+ hours of academic training, study, and applied …. TANTRA FOR COUPLES "Are you yearning to bring more magic, reignite the fire, the passion and Tantra Massage Course. Education (mental) - lecture only - $111/hour at a location of your choosing, or $666 upfront for 7 sessions (60 minutes each). Types & Prices Recorded sessions Class Calendar FAQ Testimonials Blog Contact. She has wide knowledge and a deeper understanding of human experiences. Telepathic sex has to be one of my favorite things to do. A place for those wanting to be a tantrika or one who is a tantrika to learn and be one with, without, and within onesself. Zeena was raised within the Church of Satan, and came to international prominence early in life as the organization's …. degree in Theatre Arts, and has completed The 13 Moon Priestess Training with Ariel Spilsbury. That’s how my journey in trans-dimensional and temporal spiritual awaken began. Miriam Wasser March 2, 2016 6:41PM. Women who take the training will be invited to be part of the Priestess Temple. Rigoglioso, offering trainings, scholarly work, community ceremony, healing sessions and more ( I completed this Priestess Training in 2012). She is the author of the award-wi…. EMBODIED PATH OF THE PRIESTESS. stress release stress relief Tantra teacher training terri. At the dawn of recorded history, the Priestess Path was available to all women. A Priestess is the living expression of Feminine Wisdom and holds within her the deepest mysteries of Love and creation. Video from Sigurd Olivier with pictures from the book „Touch Love“ (Carl Rogers). I hold the title of Taoist Priestess, Dakini, Mysterious Immortal (Hsien Hsuan) and have been initiated into several Tantric and Taoists schools: Black Sect Tantric Buddhism, Bái Lǎohǔ (White Tigress), Longmen (Dragon Gate), Northern Complete Reality Taoism, and I …. Her roots lie in Raja Yoga and Hindu Shakti Tantra. In between modules the students will continue their training in practice groups formed for the Priestesses to keep going into greater depth in their training. The Earth Priestess Embodiment Training will also support you deeply on your unique soul path as a professional and as a spaceholder: You will learn how to to: ⚜ Release traumas, and emotional suppression, so women can truly step into their feminine powers. Radine is also certified in Womb Dragon Priestess Training, Womb Healing, and facilitating Sacred Plant Ceremonies. Merging the spirit of ancestral wisdom with the ecstatic embodiment of sexual vitality practise and sacred relating, she founded she School of Shamanic Tantrika Arts and the Earth Priestess Facilitator's Training. So here’s the thing about keeping your word: it doesn’t matter how you feel when it’s time to keep your word. Many of us also offer Tantric Bodywork sessions, though each have different levels of experience as outlined at bottom of page in detail. Those initiations can come through physical transmission from guru to disciple, through letters, through meditation, and other forms of personal experiences. These include I Tantra, Taoism, Tantra Massage Theta healing, Integrated Energy Therapy, and others. No need to be fancy, just an overview. Tantra is the healing art, yoga, philosophy, sacred path, and life practice of weaving the vast, and often contradictory, aspects of ourselves into a unified whole. Temple of Bliss Los Angeles: Hancock Park: (213) 290-4467 Shakti Palace. While our background, energy healing, bodywork styles & Tantra trainings differ, we each offer the Kundalini Body of Bliss, a session we've created to address all aspects: physical, spiritual, emotional & kundalin i activation. Can you feel it? Margo is an excellent role model and empowering guide, a priestess with extensive experience in Tantra, shamanism and many other paths. For an eight-night and nine-day training into The Venusian Rose Temple Arts, a full spectrum training that will allow you to uncover the secrets of the Rose Lineage. Every Mahakali Priestess will have a male Shaman assigned to work with them. Through sexual embrace, a temple priestess could take a man into a state of higher consciousness, to a place where physical delight and. Sianna Sherman is an international yoga teacher, storyteller, and speaker at conferences and festivals throughout the world. doc (DOC — 48 KB) Tantra Yoga and Tantric Sex Orgasms and Health Benefits. Introduction To Kundalini Tantra. Sacred Masculine - Sacred Feminine. This study attempts to define the elusive and eclectic term Tantra and explores the effects that Tantra workshops have on the. Sacred Masculine – Sacred Feminine. Mermaid women often feel like they don’t fit in with other humans. Intensive workshops for couples and singles with the Master Shri Param Eswaran The alchemy of tantric love is a unique and powerful process of healing, through sound and other techniques that reach deep within ourselves. net Cynthia Amrita is a Shamanic Egyptian High Priestess serving in the Sexual-Spiritual field of Tantric Arts and Alchemy. tantric asm for women ebook 2004 worldcat listen to tantric orgasm for women audiobook by diana. Tantra Yoga is in essence Hatha Yoga. It will start in a couple of weeks and is co-taught between myself and Lila Khousnoutdinova, with the assistance of Katka Kramolisova. To conduct a Tantric Teacher Training in a Western Country it will cost about Euro 7,000 to Euro 10, 000 per person for each Level. Priestess Ren Ren is a devoted, loving Goddess. Join either for a full nine moon training, or for individual moon cycles with different archetypal Goddesses. That is why this energy creates new life. Goddess Rises: Priestess Memories. 2008 Sacred Sexual Priestess Training Triambeka Vengoecha, Santa Cruz CA. connect sex with babies, they didn’t have a clue. Hun er også en lisensiert sykepleier og kakao prestinne, dedikert som prestinne av Magdalene og har kunnskap fra forskjellige esoteriske tradisjoner og mysterieskoler. Oct 2009 - Present12 years 4 months. The Authentic Tantra® Practitioners shown on this page are qualified and licensed by IATE to teach the modality of Authentic Tantra® and have signed and adhere to the Authentic Tantra® Code of Ethics in their work with clients. It is utilized for energy work, crystal chakra balancing, animal totem meditations, energetic cord cuttings, Priestess training, Wicca courses and much much more. Learning how to work with a blend of male energy or energy is uniquely different than heterosexual tantric practice. She is an expert in creating a sacred space where all participants feel safe in their strength and vulnerability. 2000: Elise began to develop the spiritual path that subsequently led to the establishment of the Phoenix Goddess Temple. Healer Priestess School is a queer-friendly space open to folks of all gender identifications. Safe for babies, children, the elderly, in pregnancy, in illness and it is also great for animals. Initiation - Stage 1 - Portugal Tantra Experience. Read Online Tao Tantric Arts For Women Cultivating Ual Energy Love And Spiritgo deeper into their own journey and to …. I've been practicing little Tantra in my own ways here and there with self and my partner but it wasn't conscious. I trained and initiated as a Priestess through the Urban Priestess Mystery School with Sianna Sherman and Ashley Turner. Bhairavi Kriya Training and Initiation - In Studio and Online. Shamanic Tantra Shamanic Healing Love Coaching Life Coaching Spiritual Counseling Neo-Tantra Tantra Massage Novato Somatic Counseling Priestess Path Priestess Training Yabyum Double Yabyum. Womb Work - opening the stargate of the cervix (Priestess) Lingam Work - the Star Seed of creation (Priest) Introduction to Egyptian Tantra. It's so striking that the very first thing we studied back when we got together was integrity and keeping your word. This 'Tantric priestess' or 'Dakini' role may go back to ancient. The 300-hrs Tantra Yoga Teacher Training is an advanced and non-dogmatic program for yoga teachers who want to dive deeper into the timeless Tantrik wisdom, not only to radically develop your skills and the quality of your teachings, but to tap into your full potential as a human being, integrating powerful tools to cultivate meaningful and intimate relationships with yourself, …. I specialize in nurturing you through the process of releasing your sexual, emotional, physical blockages and allowing you to feel the freedom and empowerment of free flowing of energy. The High Priestess Of Soul: Nina Simone In 5 Songs : A Blog Supreme There are certain figures in jazz history whose iconic status can be telegraphed by a single name. Today, we must do that for ourselves. I have been Ordained in The Order of Melchizedek. This training isn’t easy and you’ll have to be completely dedicated to your end goal – both in and out of the gym – but the payoff for putting in such demanding work will be well worth it. Yoni Yoga Facilitator Training is specifically designed for every woman who wants to take either their personal Yoni Egg practice to the next level &/ or wants to teach this sacred priestess art to other women. She is also the founder and Department Head of the Sexual Wellness Coaching Certification Program at The Succulent Living Institute. THE RED DOOR Priestess training is structured to accommodate women from across the continent, and even from other continents, if they desire to do the work. Enter into a secret world of mysteries with influences of Tantra, Taoist, and ancient …. The eucharist of six elements is a pseudo-Christian one consisting of the trinity and breath, water, and blood. Temple Tantra Menu Prices: The entire universe vibrates with pleasure and desire, thus, in Tantra, the experience of pleasure on a microcosmic, individual level, evokes the universal process. She studied the history of the divine feminine and combines this with tantra, bodywork, temple work and the path of the sacred sexual priestess. Years 2 +3 are online + live retreats. Rachel works with men, women, and couples, offering a hands-on and practical tantric experience to her clients. She created the Priestess Life school and the training Soul of Sex around the spirituality of our feminine sexuality. Become a Priestess of Rhiannon, Priestess of the Goddess of Love, Priestess of Sacred Sexuality. The energy of sex is divine energy, godly energy. 2014 Tantra Mentorship training Leah Alchin, Santa Cruz CA. Female Ejaculation and GSpot for Practitioners - Deborah Sundahl Practitioner Training Sweden 2019. 7 online SHAMANIC, TANTRIC & EMBODIMENT workshops that will reunite you with what's been missing: an unshakable connection with your own power, knowing and healing. • Tantric Priestess • Wise Woman 3. "Live Wholly, Love Deeply, and Laugh often. Rituals of sensory activation using touch, smell, taste, sound, movement and visual adornment. Here at The Priestess initiation Sanctuary our goal is to help bring community back together. Since I was a little girl, I knew that the existence that the normal human’s eyes see wasn’t everything. These clear old imprints created in the womb from the Matrinilinear line, in order to reveal our authentic Goddess selves, vibrant in our Divine feminine. Dare to set up your future with bold audacity to own your highest worth, Dare to thrive, even in an uncertain economy, Dare to be a prosperity rebel, a fringe-optimist, Dare to be the YOU that you. “A Priestess is a woman who helps others connect to the divine so they can heal and/or actualize their souls path. Shridi Sai Baba and the 64 Yoginis. These Temples are devoted to the Goddess and are places of initiation and celebration. Downtown Oakland: (510) 545-6834 Zen Tantra.